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SuperPuTTY Download is a Windows application that provides a graphical user interface for managing the tabs of the PuTTY SSH Client. It is also designed to provide a full-featured window manager.

If you are looking for a utility that will allow you to manage multiple PuTTY sessions and Telnet clients, then SuperPuTTY is the tool for you. It has the same features as PuTTY but with more capabilities.

With Super PuTTY, you will be able to run multiple tabs simultaneously. It features a comprehensive UI that will allow you to easily manage all your server protocols.


Super PuTTY lets you connect to multiple servers from one interface. It also allows you to modify the settings for each individual session.

It uses the .NET framework to operate. It’s best to first make sure that your PC is compatible with this component. Once it’s installed, make sure to look for PuTTY in order to modify its full path. The utility will also allow you to customise the way it works.

Features of SuperPuTTY Download

The program lets you

The program lets you customise various settings, such as printer settings, line discipline, alarms, and keyboard controls. It also allows you to set various other settings for each protocol type.

This program 

This program can run smoothly on most major Windows platforms. It was tested and rated as 100% safe by our experts.

While SuperPutty

While SuperPutty provides some of the basic functions of PuTTY, it does not provide any of the essential features that the open-source networking client does.

This tool is

This tool is an emulator that will allow users with advanced needs to modify the settings of their network and alter the interface’s behavior.

Interface that will allow you to use

This app serves as a tabbed interface that will allow you to use PuTTY. It features a variety of advantages and features that will allow you to connect to various protocols and networks. To install it, make sure that you have the latest .NET framework version installed.

SuperPuTTY Alternative For Windows

  • GNS
  • eToolz 
  • DNS Angel
  • Screenhero
  • inSSIDer 
  • NETGEAR Genie

Frequently Asked Question

How do I install SuperPutty on Windows?

From the desktop shortcut, run superputty.exe to install it. You can also leave the locations of the other apps in your Program Files folder blank.

What is Super PuTTY?

SuperPutty is a utility that enables you to create Windows applications that share PuTTY sessions with other computers. It does so by providing a better-than-normal interface.

How do you save a SuperPutty session?

Choose New by right-clicking anywhere in the PuTTY sessions window area. Choose Save after filling out the session information.

Which is better: PuTTY or MobaXterm?

Mobaxterm is a great tool for getting started with remote desktop management, as it can run smoothly even on 64-bit systems. It features a great UI that lets users easily access all of their sessions.

How do I open two tabs in PuTTY?

When you connect to Putty, it will not open a terminal program on the desktop, it will instead install an X server. This will allow you to open any X client that supports multiple tabs.

Is PuTTY safe to download?

This site is called “chiark.greenend.org.uk” and it contains a variety of downloads. I would suggest that you compile this from the source and check the signature before downloading it.

How do I open PuTTY in Chrome?

When connecting to Putty, make sure that the server has all of the necessary permissions. It will then load Chrome as an application window.

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