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Task Killer Download is an alternative to the Windows Task Manager. It lets users perform tasks in a better and quicker manner.

It is a rogue antivirus program that’s designed to trick users into thinking that it’s an actual antivirus application. It’s capable of causing system damage.


Not only are we having a hard time closing a window, but also not responding to our clicking in the upper-right cross, but we’re also using Task Killer to resolve this issue.

This program allows users to quickly terminate applications by clicking on the Task Killer icon in the taskbar.

This type of license is usually used to play video games. It’s also used to avoid installing potentially harmful software. In the end, Task Killer is a great alternative to Task Manager, though it only has limited functionality for certain Windows versions.

Features of Task Killer Download

Windows XP-7 users have full access to all the processes and services that are running in the background. However, they can only customize the hotkeys that display these lists.

You can modify the way the various processes and services are listed on the tray menu. You can also group them all by their color.

The Task Killer Download utility can terminate programs that you no longer require. It does so through a tray-based interface that allows you to manage all your previously installed programs and services.

Although Task Killer will show you a list of processes running on your system, it is very effective at stopping these types of processes.

You can also customize the notification that’s sent to you when a new program is launched.

Task Killer Alternative For Window

  • ACleaner
  • Revo Uninstaller
  • Hard Disk Sentinel 
  • Advanced SystemCare 
  • Desktop.Tech 0.
  • DirectX 10

Frequently Asked Question

What is task killer Android?

A task killer app will automatically kill apps that are running in the background. It will also remove them from memory once it’s done.

How do I find task killer on Android?

To open Task Manager, tap the up arrow in the panel. Then, just tap the X icon next to the running application to kill it.

Does Fast Task Killer Work?

The Firestick Fast Task Killer can detect and close all app downloads in one click. It works on all Fire TV and Firestick devices.

Do I need a task killer for Android?

Task killers can reduce your system’s performance and battery life. However, they can also help prevent system processes from running on their own.

What is task killer detection?

A task killer is an app that lets you force other apps to stop running in the background. The goal is to improve the overall performance of your Android device.

Is there a task killer for Iphone?

SnapStats is a simple and elegant app that tracks the various details of your device, such as its network data usage and overall performance.


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