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Twixtor Download is a tool that allows you to create super slow-motion videos in 3D, even though they’re not quality-controlled. It works seamlessly with various graphic editors. Do you already know how to use these tools to create stunning visual effects for various projects?

If, however, you already consider yourself good enough at video or photography, then maybe it’s time to upgrade. You might already be familiar with some of the popular software used in the field.


One of the main advantages of this software is its ability to control the frames. It does so by allowing the user to reproduce the same effect in shorter frames without losing the same quality. It’s also compatible with most video editing programs.

If you’re looking for an application that will allow you to create slow-motion videos, then Twixtor is the one for you. It features a built-in editor that will allow you to produce stunning and smooth videos.

Download the latest version of Twixtor Pro for free from our site. It’s compatible with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Features of Twixtor Download

  • There are also add-ons that can enhance the functionality of certain programs. One example of such is Twixtor, which is a dedicated plugin that can work seamlessly with various video effects.
  • Twixtor Download is an add-on that syncs up with various apps. It lets you create various effects, such as acceleration and slow motion. With Twixtor, you get a better and more accurate motion estimation. It tracks objects farther and eliminates the need for stretching and tearing when objects cross the frame.
  • This utility is highly focused on handling the various functions of plugins. Its ability to secure the video effects and provide a simple and secure method of managing them is very beneficial for anyone who is into video editing. It lets you easily transform a video into an immersive environment.
  • With over 30 built-in effects, Twixtor is commonly used by video editors for creating slow-motion videos. It works seamlessly with various video editings software such as Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Fusion Studio.
  • rack is a module that makes sluggish movements in recordings. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to add an expert touch to their recordings. It doesn’t make a difference if the video is being shot at low frame rates or high. As long as the video is being recorded at the exact same framerate, it’s fine with most video programming.

Twixtor Alternative For Windows

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  • Regards Viewer
  • Gyazo 
  • Gadwin PrintScreen
  • LEGO Digital Designer 

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I find twixtor?

Go to the Effect Menu of the main working screen and then select the Vision Plug-ins option.

How do you get twixtor?

On the next screen, there are a number of slow and fast speed options. If you select a slow speed, it will create a smooth transition.

Is twixtor a plugin?

The creator of the plug-in, RevisionFX, has created Twixtor, which allows users to speed up, slow down, or frame-rate convert video sequences.

Is twixtor still good?

Even more useful is that it can handle slow-motion sequences, which usually require new frames. With a 4K resolution, it’s more detailed than ever before.

What is better than Twixtor?

Timewarp is an older version of Twixtor that works seamlessly with slow-motion sequences.

What is twixtor Premiere Pro?

Twixtor® Slow down or speed up your image sequences intelligently for visually amazing results.

Does twixtor make a clip longer?

Twixtor, on the other hand, will only play the first 10 seconds of the clip, despite the fact that it will slow the clip speed by 50%.

What does mean twixtor?

Even though the video is being shot at a low framerate, Twixtor can still create super slow motion using the same smooth transition in shorter frames.

Does twixtor work with Filmora?

It’s compatible with most video editing software.


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