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Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a free tool Windows customization gives you access not only to aesthetic tweaks but also useful system tweaks.
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Feb 01, 2021
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.8 is a Windows customization tool for free, gives you access not only to aesthetic tweaks but also useful System Tweaks. The application is provided in a zip file. Simply extract the contents and you’re done. This is a great way to add the application to your USB portable tools collection.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker can be divided into seven sections. These include Customization, User Accounts, and Performance. Internet Explorer, Context Menu, Security & Privacy, and Additional Tweaks. Each heading is broken down into clearly defined tabs. Select one of these headings to start tweaking your system. Make sure to click Create Checkpoint before starting, to ensure that you have a System Restore point you can roll back to in case of emergency

It is only 750KB in size and contains over 200 tweaks. UWT 4.0 is a minimalistic, clean UI that offers links in the left panel and tabs at the top for some categories.

Features of Ultimate Windows Tweaker

  1. The user interface is simple to use.
  2. Tooltips provide guidance on what the tweak does.
  3. There are buttons that allow you to set up a system restore point or restore the default values.
  4. This tiny tool is super lightweight, at only 750KB.
  5. Powerful and packed with 200+ meaningful tweaks.
  6. It can be used as a portable tweaker. It does not need to be installed. It can be uninstalled by deleting its program folder.
  7. It does not contain adware or pushes crapware. We promise never to!.
  8. You can report bugs by using the button on the apps About tab. You can also visit this page.
  9. You can check for an update. To do this, click the button under the About tab. Download the most recent version from this homepage if any are not found.
  10. Export and import Tweaks.
  11. Search is simple and easy to use.

How to Use Ultimate Windows Tweaker

  1. Open the Ultimate Windows Tweaker Steup file.
  1. Click the Ok button to Create Restore Point.
  1. Now you can see the Home page.
  1. Now you can customize anything and click Apply tweaks button to save the customize feature.
4-click-apply tweaks-button

Ultimate Windows Tweaker offers many great options. It can add shortcuts to right-click menus and tweak hidden Windows parts. You can also fine-tune your system to improve performance. It is a great free tool for system enhancement.

What's new

  • + A new Privacy section has been created to address privacy concerns.
  • + Context Menu for Store Apps has many new tweaks that support Windows 10.
  • + For "Remove Shortcut Arrows From Icons" to work properly, the empty.ico file does not need to be used.
  • + From the main page, it calculates Windows Experience Index. To recalculate WEI, click on Run assessment.
  • + To fix a corrupted image on your system, you can run the DISM command.
  • + Now you can pin Drives to the Desktop Context Menu.
  • + Windows 10 offers many new customization options.
  • + Interface with command button buttons has been redesigned.
  • + Click on a tweak to see the description.
  • + There are many other options.


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