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Whatsie Download is a simple and beautiful desktop client that works seamlessly with WhatsApp Web. It is built on Linux and requires WhatsApp Messenger to work.

Sometimes, when you are not allowed to use WhatsApp on your phone, you might want to use a utility that will allow you to do so from your desktop. One of these is called Whatsie. It is a small utility that will allow you to do all the things that WhatsApp does on your desktop.

WhatsApp is a chat messenger that is used by more than a billion people globally. In February 2016, WhatsApp launched a web-based version called WhatsApp Web.

That is a utility that lets you keep WhatsApp in sync with your desktop. It does so by allowing you to access all the features of the app.


Being able to connect to WhatsApp through a mobile device is very useful, as it eliminates the need to open a web browser to talk to the app. Also, it allows you to send and receive messages without any latency.

Since WhatsApp has been one of the most popular messaging apps for a long time, its web client has become incredibly popular. It lets users mirror the conversations and messages they send and receive on their mobile devices.

The Whatsie OS X utility is an open-source project, and it has no affiliation with the company that makes the app.

Features of Whatsie Download

You can easily connect

You can easily connect to WhatsApp through the QR code that comes with the desktop app. It is very easy to send and receive messages, and there is no lag issue.You can also sync all your messages and actions to a secure server.

Great app

WhatSie is a great app that comes with many unique features, such as its App Lock feature, which allows users to set a secure code to prevent anyone from accessing their messages while they’re away from their devices.

Works seamlessly

Whatsie is a desktop app that works seamlessly with WhatsApp Web. It’s a beta version and requires WhatsApp Messenger to work properly.

Compatible with all Windows versions

WhatSie is compatible with all Windows versions, and it doesn’t require a special install to run smoothly. Its small size and quiet operation make it ideal for minimizing system usage.

Chat with your friends and family

This app brings WhatsApp’s web client directly to your desktop. It does not offer much more than that, except the ability to chat with your friends and family. It also comes with a variety of emoji packs and allows you to share more data.

Good at protecting user privacy,

Because of WhatsApp’s ownership, which is not exactly known for being good at protecting user privacy, I am not a fan of the app. Also, it doesn’t have a desktop client like other competitors.

Whatsie Alternative For Windows

  • Nimbuzz
  • Skype 
  • Palringo 
  • iWebcam 
  • Imo Messenger 
  • TeamTalk 

Frequently Asked Question

What is Whatsie?

Whatsie is a simple and beautiful desktop client that works seamlessly with WhatsApp Web. It is currently in beta phase and requires WhatsApp Messenger to work.

Can I use WhatsApp on Kali Linux?

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world, doesn’t provide a desktop client. However, there are a few third-party apps that can run WhatsApp on Linux distributions.

How do I uninstall Whatsie?

To remove Whatsie from a Linux distribution, either run the package manager or go to the terminal. This app is not an official app and has no affiliation with WhatsApp.

Can I install WhatsApp on Linux?

WhatsApp is a cross-platform app that works seamlessly on Android, macOS, and Windows. The lack of an official Linux client has left many users confused.

How to uninstall Whatsapp in Ubuntu?

To remove an application, go to the Applications section of the Linux operating system and search for the one you want to remove.

How to uninstall Whatsapp in Ubuntu Terminal?

Go to the Activities toolbar of the Ubuntu operating system and search for the software that you want to remove. After clicking the button, the app will be removed.

What is snap Linux?

A snap is a bundle of apps and their dependencies that works seamlessly across various Linux distributions. Snaps can be discoverable through the Snap Store, and they are also installable from the command line.


Whatsie Download for Windows is developed and updated by Aluxian. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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