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With WO Mic app, you can easily speak to a phone and record yourself while also playing audio from a computer. It's also capable of playing audio from other devices such as mobile phones.

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Last Updated on September 2, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

WO Mic Download for Windows PC is an app that turns your phone into a microphone. It works by recording audio and video with its built-in microphone.

Not having a microphone is never a good idea, but there are ways to get around it. One of these is by getting a WO Mic Download for Windows PC, which will turn your phone into a microphone when needed.

Although it’s free, the app requires users to pay for the privilege of unlocking certain features. It works seamlessly on all modern Windows platforms.

Once the desktop app and the mobile app are up and running, just connect the two for a few seconds.

To connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network, just type the IP address that appears in the mobile app’s connection menu.

What is the WO Mic Download for Windows PC?

With the WO Mic, you can turn your phone into a microphone for your computer. It’s a simple and effective way to turn any device into a microphone.

Instead of having to buy a separate mic, you can simply use this app to turn your phone into a wireless audio device.

What is the WO Mic client?

With the WO Mic, your phone becomes a microphone for Windows. It works seamlessly with Android devices and can be used for various purposes.

Can I use my phone mic on my computer?

Yes, You can. You must need to download and set up WO Mic for your Computer.

Component of WO Mic Download for Windows PC

  • The app captures your voice using a phone microphone.
  • It sends it to a PC or a virtual microphone device.
  • The WO Mic Virtual Device is a device that can run in kernel space. It provides audio and voice data to applications that rely on audio data.

Turn your phone into a wireless microphone.

If you have a Windows PC, then you can also download the Wo Mic App from the Play Store, or directly from their website.

The easiest way to install Wo Mic Device drivers is by going to the official website of WO Mic Download for Windows PC.

If this is not installed correctly, then try launching Device Manager from the list that appears after clicking Win + X. You will be able to see Womic listed in the list.

Type of Connection

The connection method used between a computer and mobile device will vary depending on the operating system that you use. For instance, Android devices can support various connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

USB connections are usually faster and have low bit rates.




WI FI Direct

Starting the server

Once the application is installed, it will allow you to set up the various settings that will be used for the service.

You will also need to grant permission for the app to work. This step is very easy to implement.

After setting up the server, the easiest way to connect the client to the server is by starting the WO Mic Client on Windows.

Before using your mobile phone as a microphone, make sure that you have the right connection type. This will help in ensuring that the device works seamlessly.

What do you need to use WO Mic Download for Windows PC ?

Aside from a phone and a computer, you will also need these components to transform your mobile into a microphone:

After downloading the Wo Client app, it will connect to your computer and record a full-fledged voice. It does so by taking all the data collected by the Wo Mobile app.

The Wo mic Device can also be used as a standalone microphone. It works by running in the background while recording sound.

Your Phone Now Microphone

This app can turn your device into a microphone by removing the battery and turning it into an audio device. It works seamlessly with most other applications that rely on audio.

To use Skype with a custom device, you need to enable it in the settings. This feature can be used in three different ways: with USB, wireless, and Bluetooth.

Sometimes, your computer will block one of your devices, which can cause you to check compatibility issues with other connected devices.

WO Mic Alternative

A dedicated mic is a good alternative to Wo Mic. It is also a good emergency tool.

People might start looking for alternatives such as the iVCam or the DroidCam. These are simply video recording devices that take advantage of the capabilities of their phone.

WO Mic Updov Review

WO Mic Download for Windows PC is a utility that’s commonly used by hobbyists and is a good alternative to a dedicated microphone. It’s also a good backup tool.

There’s no harm in trying out Wo Mic so long as you make a decision after doing so.

Womic is the only solution that will allow you to turn your phone into a wireless microphone. However, it is no replacement for a dedicated microphone and cannot provide the same audio quality as a mobile phone.

Installation and  Configure Process of  Wo Mic

This app is very easy to install and is compatible with most Android devices. It supports a 48000 sample rate and 16 bits per channel.

You should also install it in a way that enables you to easily connect it to other devices or applications on the computer.

You can start using the app by downloading the necessary drivers.

  1. Download WO Mic All Steup Fils.
  1. Click the WoMicClientSteip5 file on your Windows PC.
  2. Select Language.
  1. Now Select Component to Install
  1. Now Choose Install Location. Then Click Install Button.
  1. Now Installtion Start.
  1. Now you need to reboot the Computer.
  1. Now open the Wo Mic Application. Enjoy


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