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XFast USB Download Technology from ASRock is a revolutionary new standard that drastically improves the performance of USB devices. It was developed by engineers at ASRock to provide the fastest possible USB data transfer speeds.

The company’s engineers have been working on the latest XFast USB Technology for over a year, and they’re already seeing immediate boosts in the performance of USB devices.

To transfer large files from a computer to an external storage device, you need to use Fast USB Download Just attach the external storage device to the motherboard, and the speed of the transfer will be automatically managed.


XFast USB Download is a program that was designed to allow users to transfer files from USB flash drives and other mass storage devices to a computer. It has two different modes: Normal and Turbo.

Since we don’t have an official board from ASRock, we did a bit of research to ensure that it was clean. Some websites, such as Superuser and Anandtech, stated that XFast USB Download works best on USB 2 and smaller transfers.

The company’s engineers have been working on the latest XFast USB Download Technology for over a year, and they’re already seeing immediate boosts in performance. As the leading producer of motherboards, ASRock has always been at the forefront of developing high-performance computing.

Features of XFast USB Download

Entire transfer process.

The XFast USB Download 3.0 utility can work seamlessly with most Intel sockets. It can also work seamlessly with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. However, it does not provide a speed boost to the entire transfer process.

 Simple and fast manner

XFast USB is compatible with Windows 8.1 and older versions. Its portability makes it very easy to use and doesn’t require many system resources. It’s also fast enough to transfer files and audio at the same time. Another benefit of this utility is that it lets you share a file with a PC in a simple and fast manner.

Delivers a good performance

Though it’s aimed to work seamlessly with USB 3.0, it can also perform remarkably well with 2.0 files as well. In most cases, it can handle large files with a bit of complexity. However, it still delivers a good performance.

Motherboard reorient and redirect 

XFast USB is a utility that helps the PC’s motherboard reorient and redirect the flow of data in a more efficient manner. The latest XFast USB technology from ASRock can increase the performance of USB 3.0 by up to 5X! This is a great technology for anyone who is planning on upgrading their PC.

Faster and better connectivity

XFast USB Technology was developed by ASRock to redefine the standards of modern computing. Its engineers have worked hard to make it possible for consumers to enjoy faster and better connectivity.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is ASRock XFast USB?

With the release of XFast USB Technology, ASRock became the first motherboard manufacturer to provide the fastest USB 3.0 connectivity.

What is ASRock XFast LAN?

XFast LAN is a utility that enables users to create a perfect Internet environment. It lets them control various internet applications and settings without being limited by their bandwidth.

What is ASRock App Charger?

The App Charger utility allows users to charge multiple Apple devices simultaneously. It also supports continuous charging.

What is F6 instant flash?

ASRock Instant Flash is a utility that’s very user-friendly. It can be accessed by just pressing the BIOS key to get started and clicking the “GET” button.

What is ASRock a tuning?

The A-Tuning utility is a basic Windows utility that lets users modify the settings of their CPU and monitor. It also has plenty of options when it comes to setting up an overclock.

What is ASRock Ultra USB power?

Ultra USB Power is a feature that allows the power supply to be used from the 12V rail of the board instead of the 5V rail of the PSU.

What is ASRock motherboard utility?

ASRock Motherboard Utility is a utility that enables users to install and update BIOS software.

What is ASRock EZ mode?

BIOSes come in two different modes, the Advanced and the EZ Mode. The Advanced mode offers users a more detailed view of the BIOS, while the EZ Mode gives users a few common options.

Does ASRock have BIOS FlashBack?

BIOS Flashback is a feature that enables users to update their BIOS without having to install a physical CPU or RAM module.


XFast USB Download for Windows is developed and updated by ASRock. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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