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Lintalist Download is a tool that lets users organize and keep all their important dates in order. It does so by organizing all of your items in a bulleted list.

You can easily download and install Dynalist for Windows 10/8/7 PC. This article will teach you how to do it.

Lintalist Download s a great tool to keep you organized and on the go. It can also help keep your desktop running smoothly.


The ability to store and manipulate information is very important for anyone who writes knowledge work. There are a lot of tools that can do this, but I would recommend Dynalist.

If you’re not sure how to organize a list, Dynalist can help you get started. It lets you drag and drop items to get started.

Features of Lintalist Download

  • Dynalist is a great community tool that enables its users to create new tools and enhance their existing ones. Its developers are also generous in allowing their users to contribute.
  • Lintalist Download can keep track of all the dates in your life, and it will allow you to find anything that’s important to you instantly. It also allows you to bookmark specific places and dates.
  • This extension will automatically insert a link to a Dynalist page while browsing.
  • MeisterTask was built to accommodate the needs of agile project teams. It works seamlessly across various types of workflows.
  • This extension pack contains a wide range of tools that can be loaded by Tampermonkey. It lets users create side- and popup windows, agendas, and much more.

Lintalist Alternative For Windows

  • Reading Acceleration Machine 
  • XMind 8 Update
  • Sigil 
  • PDFCreator 
  • Copy
  • yEd

Frequently Asked Question

Is Dynalist better than WorkFlowy?

WorkFlowy is a more practical outliner, while Dynalist is more of a utilitarian approach. In order to avoid adding complexity, we always recommend using Dynalist instead.

What is the Dynalist app?

Dynalist is an outliner that can be kept in a browser tab. It’s a collection of outlines that’s organized into folders.

Is Dynalist Pro worth it?

Dynalist is a good value for the price. It features a variety of additional features that are usually only available to expensive apps.

Is TickTick better than Todoist?

Compared to Todoist, the UI is more cluttered and has a more streamlined design. However, it’s still not as user-friendly as its counterpart.

Is TickTick free?

TickTick is a task management system that lets you keep track of all the tasks that you need to complete, as well as plan for the future.


Lintalist Download for Windows is developed and updated by Lintalist. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

Version History

Lintalist (Download Now - 32-bit)
Lintalist (Download Now - 64-bit)

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