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Moto Contacts Tool Download is a utility that lets users transfer contacts from their Motorola phones to a computer. It works seamlessly by installing a free and small app on your Android device and then selecting the phone and SIM that’s most suitable for transferring the contacts.

In addition, users can also export contacts to their email addresses. They can also transfer them to any other phone by using Google’s synchronization feature.


The Moto Contacts App is a utility that lets users transfer phone contacts from their Android devices to a computer. You can also delete and store the details on your computer.

The Moto G6 is a great budget-friendly smartphone that features a dual-sensor camera, fast charging, and plenty of other good-looking features.

Features of Moto Contacts Tool Download


Moto Contacts is a desktop application that lets users save and retrieve mobile phone contacts from their Motorola devices. It does so by storing the contacts in an industry-standard format, which can be easily accessed by other applications.

Automatically remove 

This utility will automatically remove all contacts from your address book when connected to a PC.

Easily and effectively

Moto Contacts Tool is a utility that will enable users to easily and effectively move contacts from their handset to a safe, secure, and small download. This application works seamlessly with all Android devices and can be installed on the screen.


Aside from transferring contacts, it also allows users to save and sync them from Gmail to other computers.

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