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MSI Wrapper Download is a lightweight application that helps users convert EXE files to the MSI format. It has a clean and user-friendly interface.

If you’re looking for a simple app that will help convert .exe files to .msi, then MSI Wrapper is exactly what you need. It has a clean and simple UI that will allow you to do this.

System administrators prefer to use MSI instead of a normal setup.exe when distributing software.


If you have an MSI System then you should install the latest version of MSI Wrapper to convert .exe files to the appropriate format. It will also automatically install packages from the specified directory.

If you are looking for a simple and quick tool to turn your EXE files into .msi files, then look no further than MSI Wrapper. It is a very lightweight application that will allow you to do just a few simple steps. It comes with a basic feature set and is free to use.

Features of MSI Wrapper Download

Exact location and filename

The MSI Wrapper utility allows you to specify the exact location and filename of the executable file, as well as the utility ID and the program ID of the installed programs.

Create professional-looking MSI files with minimal effort

This app is very beginner-friendly and features a clean interface. It will allow you to create professional-looking MSI files with minimal effort.

Lightweight utility

MSI Wrapper Pro is a lightweight utility that helps users convert an EXE file to a variety of file formats. It has a clean interface and an easy-to-use configuration wizard that allows users to perform most of their operations without much effort.

Clean and simple interface

MSI Wrapper Pro is an excellent tool that allows users to convert .EXE files to the format of MSI. It has a clean and simple interface that enables users to perform most of their operations.

Through Windows Update

This app requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 to work properly. If you already have that, just make sure that you install it through Windows Update.

MSI Wrapper Alternative For Windows

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  • Intel HAXM 
  • Qbasic 
  • PHPNotepad 
  • NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 
  • XAMPP 

Frequently Asked Question

Is MSI wrapper free?

This is a free version that includes all the basic features. If you buy the professional version, you will also get a set of advanced features.

What is an MSI wrapper?

Our MSI Wrapper converts an executable setup software to an MSI package.

What’s the difference between EXE and MSI?

The main difference between the two is that EXE is for displaying the file as an executable, while MSI is for displaying the file as a Windows installer.

What is an MSI file?

A database file extension is a component of the Microsoft Windows Installer that contains information about an application. It is commonly used to refer to all of the components and features of the installer

What is the package code in MSI?

The package code is a utility that identifies a particular Windows installer package. It can also be used to verify the source code of a .msi file


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