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Last Updated on March 27, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

Sigil is a free program that enables users to create and edit e-book titles. It uses the ePub format and can also handle text, image, and video inputs.

Sigil is an open-source eBook editor that features a WYSIWYG panel. It works seamlessly across various platforms.

Sigil is a free, multi-platform ebook editor that works seamlessly with various platforms. It lets you modify books in ePub format.


Sigil is an open-source e-book editor that can be downloaded under the PDF software category.

Sigil is a 64-bit software that is designed to work seamlessly with ePub format. It features full Unicode support and is compatible with all major platforms. Its Metadata editor supports all metadata entries in more than 200 categories and its Import/Export editor can automatically convert all imported documents to Unicode.

Features of Sigil

Support for various  formats

Sigil is a creator tool that will give you many great features, such as support for various HTML, XHTML, CSS, and video formats. It’s also designed to help you create stunning designs and more.

Variety of writing tools

This application comes with a variety of writing tools that will make your task easier. It also has a built-in spellchecker that will allow you to avoid making basic mistakes while writing.

Easily create and edit

Sigil is a utility that enables users to easily create and edit their own e-book publishing.

Most major desktop platforms

Sigil is compatible with most major desktop platforms. It also has an interface that is simple to use and includes various editing options.

Full support

Metadata editor with full support for all metadata entries (over 200) and detailed descriptions

Cleans up imported files and optionally cleans up editing

The integrated FlightCrew EPUB validator can verify EPUB compliance. Embedded HTML Tidy: cleans up imported files and optionally cleans up editing

Sigil Alternative For Windows

  • Crypto Notepad 
  • deskspace 
  • NFOPad 
  • ExamView Player 
  • Foxit Reader 
  • XMind 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Sigil free?

Sigil is an open-source editor that enables users to modify e-book titles in the EPUB format. It works seamlessly across various platforms.

What is Pageedit?

Page Edit is an extension that lets you make changes to any HTML page. Just open the web page and then click the big “click” button on the left side.

How many sigils are the?

Key Sigils are collectible tokens that are found throughout Enkanomiya. They come in five different forms and are each labeled with a specific character from the ancient Enkanomiya alphabet.

What do sigils do in Genshin impact?

Anemo Sigils are used in Genshin Impact to purchase rare items from the Mondstadt Gift Shop. Each player must have enough Anemo Sigils to purchase one of the available items.

What does a good editing process involve?

The editing process is a process that involves carefully modifying and correcting a work of art or a project. It can be performed in various ways such as condensation, corrections, and organization.

Is Doom Sigil canon?

Sigil is John Romero’s fifth episode of The Original Doom. It is unofficial, however, and is not endorsed by Bethesda.

Does Enkanomiya give electro Sigils?

Enkanomiya still keeps the electro sigils in place. You can use them to open chests and get rewarded at the Sacred Tree.


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