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Simple Port forwarding Download is very important when playing online games. Most of the time, a computer’s Internet connection is not known which port it needs to forward traffic to. This procedure is performed by the router by setting up its configuration interface.

The program’s main interface is clean and has plenty of options. You can see the number of ports and entries that it will use in the process. Another feature that makes this program stand out is its ability to send it to a friend or relative.

There are some ADSL connections that have been configured to prevent the use of certain programs. Generally, this method will prevent users from accessing these features.


Simple Port forwarding works seamlessly with WebPages and not with your router. Its simple to use and is not tied to any specific program or platform. Its just like using any other browser to set up port forwarding.

It is a utility that will automatically add ports to your router. It does not modify or remove existing ones. It can also help users remove or modify the ports that are already present.

Features of Simple Port Forwarding Download

This feature makes it

You can save and send a list to another user. This feature makes it so that instead of having to go through the whole process of setting up and forwarding a list, just send it to someone who has no idea what port forwarding is.

Includes thousands of manufacturers

It automatically identifies and forwards the most important ports of your network. Its database includes thousands of manufacturers and models, and it also includes a number of games that automatically forward to whichever IP address is requested.

The program has

The program has many tools that allow you to set up static or back to DHCP. By doing so, it prevents the forwarding of your IP address from changing, and it also prevents it from breaking the port. Another feature that makes setting up a static IP so easy is that it lets you add ports to the windows firewall.

The goal of Simple Port forwarding is

The goal of Simple Port forwarding is to help the user easily open any port on their network. This utility features a configuration database that stores the various configurations of hundreds of routers. Once the database has been created, the user can easily identify the connection by entering its details.

Very easy to use.

You may need to reboot the router in some instances to prevent the changes from taking effect. Simple Port Forwarding is a great tool that simplifies the process of forwarding ports. It works seamlessly and is very easy to use.

Simple Port Forwarding Alternative For Windows

  • WiFi Manager
  • HostsMan
  • Stunnel
  • GNS3
  • Xshell Build
  • ScreenConnect 

Frequently Asked Question

Is simple port forwarding safe?

Simple Port forwarding works seamlessly with WebPages. It lets you set up port forwarding without having to install anything on your computer.

How can I port forward for free?

UPnP Port is a utility that enables you to set up a static public port and an IP address. It can run as a graphical interface or through console commands

What is my router’s IP address?

If you have the Wifi Analyzer app installed on your Android device, it will immediately show the channel graph and the IP address of your network

Should I port forward my PC?

If you have a router at home or office, then you will need to forward ports to allow outside traffic to enter your network

Does port forwarding slow down internet?

No, it won’t slow down traffic. However, it can improve the gaming experience for other users.

Is port forwarding safe Raspberry Pi?

By default, a Raspberry Pi port forwarding port can expose a vulnerable network port to the public. This vulnerability can expose sensitive information

Is port forwarding good for gaming?

Port forwarding is a process that allows a gaming console or PC to connect to the Internet. It can improve a console’s connection speed and provide better gaming experience overall


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