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SlideDog Download is a desktop application that works seamlessly with various presentation software. It does so by detecting which programs are installed on your computer and then launching them with the appropriate media.

That is a powerful tool that enables you to create stunning presentations by mixing various media types together. For instance, you can easily combine video clips, PDF documents, and movies together without losing your original presentation style.

With SlideDog, you can create a seamless presentation that seamlessly combines almost any media. Instead of just using slides and bullet points, you can now combine various elements into one playlist.


It’s possible to use various multimedia resources when carrying out a public presentation. With this tool, you can easily and seamlessly combine various documents and presentation types.

With SlideDog, you can easily create stunning presentations by combining various media types such as video clips, PDF documents, and websites.

SlideDog is an application that enables users to create stunning presentations by combining various media files. It is a lightweight tool that works seamlessly with various presentation software.

Features of SlideDog Download

Control notes and multimedia

With the SlideDog Remote App, you can control the desktop version of the app from anywhere with a modern browser. It lets you modify the contents of the app, as well as control notes and multimedia.

Create stunning presentations from scratch

SlideDog is a tool that enables users to create stunning presentations from scratch. It features a clean interface and is compatible with almost all major presentation platforms, including PowerPoint and PDF files. Its ability to combine these elements makes it a useful addition to any meeting or presentation.

Live sharing 

Live sharing allows you to broadcast a live stream of your presentation to anyone with a web browser. You can also send a link to your online channel and have them watch it from their own browser.

Automatically play them dually

The program is capable of creating a playlist containing all the documents you may need. Just drag and drop the files to the program, and it will then automatically play them dually.

Easily distribute and receive feedback

With the ability to connect to anyone through a web browser, attendees and presenters can easily distribute and receive feedback from each other. Also, by using the app, users can switch between presentation files and read notes from their devices.

Excellent choice

The program’s lightweight nature and its built-in browse function make it an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create simple and effective presentations.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is SlideDog Free?

Like many other tools in our list, SlideDog is free. The paid version comes with more advanced features, such as dual-screen mode and custom background images.

Which is the feature of a SlideDog presentation?

SlideDog is a great tool for creating presentations that are both mobile and controlled. It features a separate screen for your playlist and notes, and it’s always in control.

How much does SlideDog cost?

One annual license of SlideDog Pro costs $99 USD, and it includes a year’s worth of features and updates.

What is Haiku Deck?

Haiku Deck is a new way to create beautiful presentations without the need for a designer or complex software.

Is SlideDog easy to use?

SlideDog is simple-to-use presentation software that works seamlessly with most of the popular presentation formats.


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SlideDog (Download 32-Bit)

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