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Last Updated on July 20, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

Winbox Download is a utility that allows the administrator of MikroTik RouterOS to create a simple and fast UI. It works seamlessly across various platforms, such as macOS. Some advanced configurations are not possible with Winbox.

Since they allow you to set up a secure network for specific reasons, MikroTik devices have stood out from the rest of the pack. If you’re a new user, then you should probably start with a tool to set up your network.

WinBox is a small utility that lets you set up and manage your MikroTik router as if it were a web console. It allows you to keep your network safe and secure.


The Winbox utility from MikroTik allows you to set up and manage your Router operating software through a simple and user-friendly interface. It features a variety of predefined features.

Winbox for PC is a utility that lets you manage both the hardware and the UI of MikroTik routers. It features a clean and functional UI that’s easy to use.

Features of WinBox Download

Easily modify the configuration of the network

A lot of people commonly use the utility provided by MikroTik WinBox to set up and configure their Wi-Fi network. This utility has a clean and simple interface, and it lets you easily modify the configuration of the network.

Web browser when connecting

To connect to an IPv6 address, the router must be placed in square braces similar to the address of the web browser when connecting to an IPv6 server.

Operation of the router easier

This feature allows the user to keep track of various details of the network, such as traffic data and bandwidth. It also makes the operation of the router easier.

Display in simple mode

When you first install Winbox, it will display in simple mode. To connect, enter the address of the device and the username and password of the user.

Monitor and control the network traffic

WinBox is a utility that will allow you to control and manage the various features of your MikroTik routers. It will also give you the ability to monitor and control the network traffic.

WinBox Alternative For Windows

  • Anyplace Control 
  • Proxifier 
  • Vistumbler 
  • PingPlotter 
  • mRemoteNG 
  • Virtual Router Plus 

Frequently Asked Question

What port does winbox use?

Winbox uses the default port 8291 for accessing the admin panel.

Does winbox work on Mac?

You can run Winbox on macOS or Linux with Wine software. Just enter the IP address of the device that you’re using.

Is there a winbox for Mac?

Winbox is a utility that allows the administration of MikroTik RouterOS. It is a native Win32 binary, and can be run on Linux and macOS.


WinBox Download for Windows is developed and updated by MikroTik. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

Version History

WinBox (Download 64-Bit)
WinBox (Download 32-Bit)

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