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Last Updated on October 1, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

WordWeb is a free and fully functional program that can use to satisfy the lensing terms. You can also get it Pro to add additional features, such as the ability to add Oxford and Collins dictionaries.

A slew of lexicon applications will send your old dictionary back to the trash can or the shelf forever. One of these is WordWeb, which combines the functionality of a traditional dictionary and a modern one.


Wordweb Download is an exciting tool for students looking to learn more about the meaning of various words in the English language. They can easily access the importance of a given word by pressing the “key shortcut” in the application.

WordWeb is a word Web whose various sets of synonyms are linked. For instance, if you want to learn more about the meaning of “tree,” go to the “Types” tab, and you’ll see a list of tree types. On the “Part of” tab, you’ll see a list of terms related to “wood.”Wordweb Download also has a complete thesaurus for various other languages, such as British, Canadian, Australian, and global English. It’s speedy to use, as it comes with a complete dictionary.

Features Of WordWeb Download

You can easily find out which words are related to a program

With the thesaurus, you can easily find out what words are related to whatever program you’re running. WordWeb also features a set of related words.

A database containing over 222,000 tags

Wordweb Download is a database containing over 165,000 root words and over 222,000 usage tags. It can access various sources, such as Wikipedia online reference.

The tutorial can use to find out what words are associated with different programs

The thesaurus can use to find out what words are related to various programs. It also features a set of related words. There are over 120,000 sets of synonyms, sense definitions, and thousands of proper nouns and usage tags.

Accessed via Wikipedia Online Reference

Although Wordweb Download works offline, it can access through the Wikipedia online reference. It also features a one-click search engine to find related words. No adware, viruses, or Spyware are included with this application.

A full-featured dictionary and tutorial for multiple languages

Word Web Pro is a full-featured dictionary and thesaurus that can use for various languages, including English, British, Australian, Indian, and American. It has multiple additional features, such as adding Oxford, Collins, and Chambers dictionaries. The free version of Word Web is fully functional and can be used if you meet the licensing conditions.

How to WordWeb Download 

  1. Click the Download button at the top of the Page.
  2. Wait for 10 Seconds And Click the “Download Now” button. Now you should be redirected to MEGA.
  3. Now let the Start to Download and Wait for it to finish.
  4. Once WordWeb is done downloading, you can start the installation.
  5. Double click the setup files and follow the installation instruction

How to Install WordWeb

Follow guidelines step by step to Install WordWeb on your Windows PC,

  1. First, you need to Download WordWeb Software for your Windows Computer.
  2. Once you Download the WordWeb Application, Double click the setup files and start the installation process.
  3. Now follow the All Installation Instruction.
  4. Once the installation is completed, restart your computer. (It is Better)
  5. Now open the WordWeb Application from the home screen.

How To Uninstall WordWeb

If you need to uninstall WordWeb, that is your best guide. You need to follow those steps to Remove all WordWeb files safely.

  1. Go to the Control Panel on Your Windows PC.
  2. Open the Programs and Features
  3. Find the WordWeb, Right-click the Select icon, and press “Uninstall.” Confirm the action.
  4. Now you need to Delete the WordWeb App Data. Go to the Windows Run Application. (Shortcut – Windows Key + R). Now Type in ‘%AppData%’ and press ‘OK.’

Now find the WordWeb folder and delete it.


WordWeb Download for Windows is developed and updated by WordWeb Software. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

Frequently Asked Question

Is WordWeb dictionary free?

Word Web is a free app that doesn’t require an internet connection. It has a variety of dictionaries and thesauruses, and you can also cross-reference old Oxford Dictionary apps and Chambers dictionaries.

Can you download WordWeb?

WordWeb has over 10 million downloads. It has an entire dictionary and a global English language version. It’s also free to use if you want to customize the program.

What is a WordWeb English?

Wordweb Download is a free English dictionary and thesaurus for various platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. It’s based on the database WordNet.

What is WordWeb EXE?

One-click search for English words and definitions in any Windows program. It includes pronunciation examples and synonyms

How do I update WordWeb?

If you have Word Web Pro installed, go to the Help menu and click the Update button. This will take you to the upgrade page, where you can view the latest versions of the program and their personalized upgrades. You can also log in to the Users’ page to follow the link.

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