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Crypto Notepad Download is a free text editor that lets you save and modify encrypted files on your Windows PC. It works seamlessly with Windows’ built-in encryption algorithms.

All documents in cnp are saved in their unique format, which is called Crypto Notepad Download. To open it, you will need to tell Windows to do so.


It is often necessary to protect sensitive documents from being accessed by others. Fortunately, there are plenty of text editors that offer this feature.

Crypto Notepad Download is a free download from our software library. Its most popular version is 1.6, and it comes with Office tools installed.

Features of Crypto Notepad Download

  • Crypto Notepad is a Windows app that supports drag and drop, web bar, and other related features.
  • You will see that the second encryption key is salt. To change the salt, go to the settings and then select “Salt”.
  • Crypto Notepad has the same drop-down menus as its traditional counterpart, but it also has a few small icons that allow quick access to various features.
  • Crypto Notepad Download is a simple app that stands out due to its clean design. It features a few extra features, such an encryption key, but it is still very lightweight.
  • A text editor that works seamlessly with encryption algorithms. It lets users save and modify files with ease. It also includes a built-in editor that lets users customize the colors and fonts.

Crypto Notepad Alternative For Windows

  • LibreOffice 
  • Notes Keeper
  • Adminsoft Accounts 
  • Polaris Office 
  • Simplenote 
  • Apache OpenOffice


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