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DirSync Download is distributed for the sole purpose of being useful, but without any warranty or implied warranty. The copyright holders and or other parties make no representations or warranties regarding the program’s operation, accuracy, or reliability.

The program’s quality is not guaranteed. You should not rely on it to perform well and should take the necessary steps to prevent it from malfunctioning.


DirSync Download ist vorgestellt, bentigt also grundstzlich und ebenso angeboten. Dieses Frage ist nur fr die Dateien, sondern auch berhaupt.

DirSync Download Pro is a small utility that enables you to perform recursive file and folder synchronization. It can also be used to copy and paste files from one folder to another.

This program can easily sync all your files and folders on your hard drives. It does it in a clean and efficient manner.

You can easily manage the data from two directories through this utility. Just specify the directories where the data is stored and the target directory is the source directory.

Features of DirSync Download

Set up various synchronization

DirSync Download Pro is a powerful schedule engine that lets you set up various synchronization tasks in different ways. It lets you customize the details of the schedule in detail.

Automatically syncs

The configuration of DirSync Download is very simple, and it allows you to easily set up tasks that are very useful. It also automatically syncs files between various locations.

Files in the target directory

You can also customize the type of synchronization that takes place. For instance, if you want to sync all files in the target directory, you can choose to copy the non-important ones to the target directory and leave the others as is.

Automatically back up

DirSync is a real-time synchronization utility that watches the directory where the files are located and sync the changes to the destination directory. It will also automatically back up the files that are stored on an external hard drive.

Minimal knowledge

DirSync can also sync multiple files simultaneously. It uses the same mechanism as the command-line interface. It can also be used with minimal knowledge in order to perform the same operation.

DirSync Alternative For Windows

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  • WinDiff 
  • Unreal Commander
  • FileToFolder 
  • Horodruin 
  • Snap MD5

Frequently Asked Question

How do I install DirSync?

First, you’ll want to get DirSync. You can get DirSync from your respective Admin Portal

What is the difference between DirSync and ad connect?

When running DirSync, the webserver would always use the same settings as the user installed it. However, in some scenarios, the settings would be different.

What is azure DirSync?

DirSync is a utility that enables you to copy a local directory in a hybrid deployment of Microsoft Exchange. It sends a copy of that directory to a WindowsAzure instance.

Is DirSync still supported?

End of support for Windows Azure Active Directory Sync and Microsoft Azure AD Sync. These services will no longer be supported after April 2019.


DirSync Download for Windows is developed and updated by Sergey Sukhotskiy. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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