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Dukto Download is a free app that enables users to easily transfer files between two computers. It does not require special permissions or credentials to work seamlessly. It only asks you to drag and drop the files to the active window.

It is a utility that simplifies the process of transferring files from one PC to another. It does not restrict the permissions of the users and the various protocols of the server.

Dukto is a utility that lets you transfer files and text to various devices, regardless of the operating system they use. Just make sure that the app is installed on both the Android and Windows devices that you want to use.


It is a utility that aims to provide a streamlined way to share files across the LAN network. Instead of having to deal with the various administrative tasks associated with establishing a stable and fast network connection, it eliminates them all.

Dukto is an ideal tool for transferring data between two devices, as it avoids the complications of transferring data over a network.

Features of Dukto Download


Dukto is an easy-to-use app that enables users to establish a secure and fast network. Instead of having to enter credentials and permissions, it lets users easily transfer files and folders to other PCs.

Allowing users to transfer files

This app eliminates the confusion by allowing users to transfer files and folders from their local network to other PCs. Just set up Dukto as a desktop app and it will automatically sync all your files and folders.

Clean and simple interface 

The app’s clean and simple interface makes it similar to the Android Phone app. Its Windows version is also more similar to the look and feel of the Android app.

The Dukto app

The Dukto app can send and receive data from various sources, such as USB storage devices and external hard drives. It also supports sending data to a specific address.

Duckto is

Duckto is a simple tool that enables you to share data over a network at a fast speed. It avoids the need for complex operations such as creating a folder and setting user privileges.

Dukto Alternative For Windows

  • NetSetMan
  • Universal Radio Hacker 
  • SoftPerfect Network Scanner
  • Simple DNSCrypt 
  • Wake On LAN 
  • MobaXterm

Frequently Asked Question

What is Dukto R6?

Dukto is a program that lets users transfer files and text from various devices, such as mobile platforms and Windows PCs. It works seamlessly regardless of the operating system that you use.

Is Dukto open source?

Dukto is an open-source project that enables developers to create various apps for various mobile platforms. It works seamlessly across various desktop and mobile operating systems.

How do you use Dukto?

Dukto is a very easy-to-use utility that lets you transfer files from one device to another. It does not require configuration and can detect the devices that also run it on the same line.

Who created Dukto?

Dukto is a project written in C++ using the libraries provided by the LGPL.Special thanks goes to Davide for developing it and testing it on Mac OS X.

Is Dukto available for Mac?

Dukto for Mac is an easy-to-use file transfer app that works seamlessly across various platforms. It has zero configuration and is auto discoverable once installed.

Can you transfer files between computers using an Ethernet cable?

You can easily transfer files between two computers by using an LAN cable or an Ethernet cable.

Can 2 computers be connected with Ethernet cable?

Although two computers can be connected to each other using an ethernet cable, they cannot share or transfer files. This is a bit of work and configuration to get done.


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