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Duplicati Download is a utility that enables you to backup and store your files on a local or remote server. It does so by creating a simple and secure online backup utility that works seamlessly across various platforms. Its flexible and easy-to-use interface makes it an excellent choice for individuals who are not experienced in backup software.

Before you install Duplicati, it’s important to know the various components’ relation to each other. This will help you install the software in the way that works for you.

Having a backup of all the data that you’re currently storing is very important to avoid losing them. Duplicati is a great program that will help you do this.


Duplicati for Windows 10 is a free and easy-to-use tool that will help you store and backup all your data on your PC. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Duplicati is also the software that enables you to back up sensitive data online. It does so by creating a secure backup that can be accessed using various cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Duplicati is a web application that enables you to backup and store your files. Its UI is simple to use and its features are full-featured.

Features of Duplicatix Download

Setting up storage rules and bandwidth

Duplicati has built-in encryption and a built-in scheduler that will keep your backups up-to-date. It also has various options for setting up storage rules and bandwidth.

Simple and effective application

Duplicati is a utility that enables users to perform various tasks like backup and compression. It’s a simple and effective application that’s recommended by many users.

Most modern Windows operating systems

Duplicati 1.3.4 is a utility that can run on most modern Windows operating systems. It is fully functional and can be used for an unlimited time.

Steps necessary to backup and restore your data

The basic functionality of Duplicati is very easy to use, as it includes a guided assistant that will help you define all the steps necessary to backup and restore your data.

Manage encrypted and incremental backups

Duplicati is a utility that enables users to store and manage encrypted and incremental backups on various cloud storage platforms. It is available as an open-source project.

Duplicati Alternative For Windows

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  • Game Backup Monitor 
  • Keysticks 
  • Hearthstone Deck Tracker 
  • LaunchBox
  • Steam Library Manager 

Frequently Asked Question

What is Duplicati used for?

Duplicati is a free and open-source backup software that enables users to store and manage their files in a secure and encrypted format. It works seamlessly across various platforms such as macOS.

Is Duplicati any good?

If you’re looking for a good backup service, then check out Duplicati. It’s a good alternative if you’re not satisfied with the service’s support

How secure is Duplicati?

Duplicati uses strong encryption to safeguard its data. It is built with a TNO principle that prevents unauthorized access to your data.

How use Duplicati Linux?

Duplicati is a C#-based framework that is used to run various apps on Linux. To install it, just type in the following command: sudo apt install ./duplicati


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Version History

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