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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

Eraser Download is a utility that can permanently remove files from the computer. It does so by marking the files as free, and it also allows another file to be overwritten. It is also capable of shredding files that compromise your privacy.

It is a Windows security tool that lets users easily remove all traces of sensitive data from their hard drive.


That is a free program that can easily remove all traces of files from your computer. It can also do so without leaving any traces on your hard drive.

Secure Eraser is a freeware utility that can be used to remove all traces of sensitive data from a Windows PC.

Features of Eraser Download

The scheduler can also prevent users from accessing sensitive data by overwriting files several times.

Instead of just wiping all the files in your system, you can also batch them up. This method works by allowing the program to schedule various tasks at once.

The program works by overwriting a file to remove traces. It is much more robust than other standard programs when it comes to removing files.

There are many features that can help you get rid of unwanted files easily. One of these is the ability to automatically wipe out all your files.

Compared to other open-source alternatives, Eraser is fast. It can also clean up your system without requiring any special tools or processes.

Eraser Alternative For Windows

  • System Ninja 
  • Unlocker 
  • Cleanmgr+
  • BleachBit
  • Clean Master for
  • Soft Cleaner 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Eraser safe to download?

Eraser is a utility that enables Windows to safely wipe out all traces of data on the system. It does so by overwriting the data in order to make it unusable.

How does Eraser app work?

The Eraser utility can schedule tasks to wipe various files. It can do so in various ways, such as creating a task to wipe a specific folder, restarting the program, or performing a recurring task.

Does eraser work on Windows 10?

To perform anEraser, go to the context menu and select “Eraser.” You’ll need to grant permission to make changes.

Does eraser work on SSD?

Secure drive erasure is a process that removes all or part of a storage device to prevent unauthorized access. This method works only for USB devices.

Is Android eraser safe?

Secure Eraser is a free app that lets you permanently remove all traces of files from the Google Play Store. To install it, go to the app’s homepage and search for its name.

Does eraser delete Windows?

Eraser is a Windows tool that automatically removes all sensitive data from your hard drive. It does so by overwriting the data with carefully selected patterns.

Does a rubber eraser float or sink?

Air is less dense than water, which makes rubber duckies float on water. Also, since rubber is a solid material, it makes the eraser sink.


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