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FastPictureViewer Download is a digital camera viewer that lets users review and adjust their photos quickly. It features a built-in LCD screen that shows shooting data in real-time.

It is free software that can be downloaded from our library. Its built-in antivirus has rated it as 100% safe.

The goal of FastPictureViewer was to provide the fastest possible access to raw images, so it could immediately review, rate, and sort images as fast as the eye can move.


That is a Windows program that lets users view and modifies their camera images. It works seamlessly with most popular platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

It is a new image viewer that can be used by computer users for free. It can also be used to perform simple photo editing.

Features of FastPictureViewer Download

Filter and copy images

FastPictureViewer Download is a 64-bit image viewer and editor that was designed for professional photographers. It features a clean user interface and is equipped with a built-in program launcher. It can quickly view and rate large amounts of photos, and it has a variety of features that allow it to filter and copy images.

Ability to browse and write 

The program has been translated into other languages, such as French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Its ability to browse and write names in any language makes it an excellent choice for anyone who uses photography.

Features a variety of tools

The program is owned by Axel Rietschin Software Development. The most common installer for this application is AppIcon.exe.It features a variety of tools that allow you to easily view and rate images.

Very useful tool

You can also inspect and rate a large number of images simultaneously. This feature is very useful if you want to share the images with your friends or other people. The Windows image viewer has always been a prominent feature of the operating system, and the latest versions of it provided a huge step forward.

Modify and enhance photos

The FastPictureViewer is compatible with various Adobe lightroom applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe CC. This program can convert images to various formats, such as GIF, BMP, and JPEG. It’s also useful for people who love to modify and enhance photos.

Frequently Asked Question

Is FastPictureViewer free?

FastPictureViewer is a free image viewer that simplifies the review, rating, and annotation of large amounts of digital images.

Is Windows Photo Gallery still available?

Due to the termination of Windows Photo Gallery, Microsoft no longer supports it anymore. If you encounter any issues, just ask them yourself.

What is the replacement for Windows Photo Gallery?

If you’re still looking for a free alternative, try IrfanView. It’s not free, and there are many great alternatives out there.

Where can I get Windows Photo Gallery?

The Gallery can be accessed through the “Start” button at the bottom of the Windows desktop. If you have already added photos to the gallery, just drag and drop them into the window.

Where are Photos stored on Windows 7?

The Pictures library is a Windows 7 application that consolidates all your digital photos. It looks pretty much like a normal Windows Explorer folder.


FFastPictureViewer Download for Windows is developed and updated by Axel Rietschin Software Developments. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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