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Geek Uninstaller download is a utility that removes all traces of leftover software from your PC. It does so in a fast and deep manner.

While standard uninstalls can remove all traces of your PC, they can also leave traces of unused software. With GeekUninstaller, it scans and removes all traces of leftover programs.


This utility features a variety of useful tools that allow you to remove all traces of unwanted software from your PC. Some of these include Force removal and a feature that automatically searches for programs.

The standard removal program leaves a lot of unused software on your PC. With GeekUninstaller, it thoroughly scans and removes all traces of leftover software. It lets you identify and remove all installed programs.

Compared to the Windows add/remove programs applet, GeekUninstaller is a more powerful and comprehensive utility that can thoroughly uninstall programs. It can also remove all the files and registry entries that the standard Windows program can’t.

Features of Geek Uninstaller download

GeekUninstaller is a utility that removes programs and finds the remnants of those that were previously uninstalled. It’s a portable maintenance tool that can be used to get rid of old and useless programs.

Standard removal software leaves tons of unused space on your PC. With GeekUninstaller, it thoroughly scans and removes all traces of leftover software.

GeekUninstaller is a lightweight program that automatically removes various types of software. It can also locate and remove previously uninstalled programs.

It’s commonly known that standard removal programs leave tons of unused space on your PC. With Geek Uninstaller download it eliminates all traces of unused software and fixes them in minutes.

It’s very common to get rid of programs that are already expired or have broken after using standard removal tools. With its Force removal feature, GeekUninstaller can easily remove all traces of broken and stubborn programs.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Geek Uninstaller safe to use?

With Geek Uninstaller, you can confidently use it to remove all traces of harmful software from your Windows. Its small download size of 2.5 MB makes it incredibly easy to use for anyone.

What does Geek Uninstaller do?

This is a small and portable version of the popular uninstaller program known as Geek Uninstaller. It lets users easily remove all the unwanted apps from Windows Store.


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