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inSSIDer Download lets you identify all of the WiFi connections that are connected to your network. It also displays their properties, such as their encryption and signal strength.

Getting started with monitoring your Wi-Fi network is typically done through your router’s settings. However, navigating through the menus can be a bit challenging.

If you work with wireless networks, then you probably need to use inSSIDer to identify areas of weakness that could affect the performance of your network. With the help of this app, you can identify areas of potential issues and fix them.


InSSIDer is a Wi-Fi diagnostic tool that can help you troubleshoot and optimise your network. It can identify areas of your network where you might have low signal strength and poor channel placement.

inSSIDer also displays the details of your WiFi network, such as its channel, size, and signal strength. It lets you know how those neighbouring networks are affecting the performance of your network.

Features of inSSIDer Download

Connection and provide advice

There are plenty of free software programs that can help you monitor and manage your network connection. inSSIDer is one of these, which will give you a complete overview of your connection and provide advice on how to improve it.

Identify wireless networks

This tool helps users identify wireless networks in their area. It also allows them to check their signal strength.

Monitor and manage WiFi networks

inSSIDer is a utility that will help you monitor and manage WiFi networks. It will give you detailed information about the network’s performance, including its signal strength and MAC address.

Identify and manage multiple access points

inSSIDer is a Windows program that you can install on your computer. Its graphical user interface allows you to see various charts and tools that detail your network’s status. It can also help you identify and manage multiple access points.

Detect and prevent unauthorised access points

inSSIDer can also identify and filter the various network connections in your area. It can also detect and prevent unauthorised access points.

inSSIDer Alternative For Windows

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  • Tera Term 
  • Vistumbler 
  • Ubiquiti UniFi Controller 
  • Namebench 
  • SX WiFi Security Suite 

Frequently Asked Question

How much does inSSIDer cost?

It’s a little expensive, as it only gives you 30 days of use. You can also buy a year subscription for $69.99.

Is MetaGeek inSSIDer free?

MetaGeek is now offering inSSIDer for free, and if you register with the site, you will get a free trial.

What capabilities are provided by inSSIDer?

inSSIDer provides detailed information about your Wi-Fi access points. It lets you know how many channels, data rate, and security are available to you.

Are all wireless networks detected by inSSIDer?

inSSIDer colour-codes the various networks and groups on a WiFi network. Each channel is in the 2.4 GHz band and can be used with various configurations.

What is the link score inSSIDer?

inSSIDer Office features a link score that helps you evaluate your network’s health. The score is based on your network’s signal strength and number of competing networks.


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