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Intel Driver & Support Assistant Download utility is a free utility that helps users keep up with the latest updates for their PC hardware. It also manages all the necessary details for each component of an Intel PC.

If you have Intel hardware, then you can keep it up to date with the latest driver and support software.

Being able to keep up with all the updates that happen constantly is very important to Intel users.

If your PC is powered by Intel hardware, then the Driver & Support Assistant utility is a must-have. It keeps your system up to date and can help get you back on track if something goes wrong.


An easy-to-use Intel application that keeps Intel drivers up to date on a Windows PC.

Features of Intel Driver & Support Assistant Download

  • Intel Driver & Support Assistant is a utility that will allow you to update your Intel hardware easily.
  • This utility will allow you to update your Windows Operating System in just three simple steps.
  • The program can scan your system for existing Intel drivers and provide a list of all the available drivers for your specific platform. It will also update the latest versions of these components.
  • The Intel Driver & Support Assistant Download scans your PC for the latest drivers updates, and it will inform you when there are new updates available.
  • Devices that are built into the operating system are known as drivers. Some of them provide features such as audio and Wi-Fi.
  • Driver updates are often necessary to keep your devices up to date with the latest operating system updates. Having outdated drivers can cause issues such as the infamous blue screen of death.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I uninstall Intel driver and Support Assistant?

Open the Applications and Features section and find the Intel Driver & Support Assistant. This will remove it.

What is Intel driver Support Assistant?

The Intel Driver & Support Assistant is a tool that helps users identify and download the latest drivers for their PC. It works seamlessly with the Intel support website.

What are Intel drivers?

A driver is a software package that’s used to communicate with specific operating systems (OS). For Windows, Intel develops drivers that allow the use of specific graphic devices.

Do you need intel driver?

No, you need the latest graphics drivers for gaming. After that, chipset drivers are irrelevant.

Do you need Intel graphic driver?

If you have a dedicated graphics card, then you don’t need them. Just install them and give them a fallback if they fail.

Should I install graphics drivers

A graphics driver is a software package that enables your computer to use graphics hardware. It is also used to play video games

Do I need to uninstall Intel graphics before installing new card?

It is not mandatory to remove or replace the drivers for your current video card before installing a new one. However, it is better to do it to avoid any future conflicts.


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