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IrfanView Download is a free image viewer and conversion utility that will work seamlessly with almost all Microsoft Windows versions.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use image viewer that supports various popular graphic formats, such as GIF, BMP, DIB, and JPEG. It also features a variety of features that make it very useful for professionals.

That is a Windows image viewer that was created from the ground up to provide a small footprint processing and a wide variety of tools that allow users to perform various tasks, such as batch conversion, rotation, shrink, and adjusting the format.


The IrfanView is a compact and innovative graphic viewer that works seamlessly across various graphic formats.

It is a very easy-to-use photo editing and graphics designer program. It was created by Irfan Skiljan.

IrfanView All Plugins is a freeware image viewer that was created by Irfan Skiljan. It was tested by an editor on a PC and a list with features was compiled.

Features of IrfanView Download

  • IrfanView Download is a powerful Windows graphics viewer that’s designed to be used for both beginners and professionals. It features a built-in multi-language editor and supports various video formats (AVI, GIF, and multipage TIF).
  • Just drag and drop an image in IrfanView’s interface, and it will immediately display it in the program’s editor. Its full-featured UI is optimized with keyboard shortcuts.
  • IrfanView can also be used to open images through existing external graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop. It features an array of image editing options, and it lets users select from a variety of predefined sizes and resolutions.
  • IrfanView supports various formats such as GIF, JPEG, and PNG. It also allows users to preview and alter the colors, brightness, and contrast of their images. It also supports all Adobe Photoshop filters.
  • IrfanView is a free image viewer and photo editor program created by Irfan Skiljan. It was featured in the Windows XP preview version.

Frequently Asked Question

Is IrfanView safe to download?

IrfanView is a piece of high-quality software, not a virus.

Is IrfanView free?

IrfanView is a powerful and compact graphic viewer that works seamlessly with most major platforms (including Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10).

Is IrfanView any good?

Although it’s an excellent image viewer, it’s also capable of handling a wide range of other tasks. It can browse through your photos quickly, create a collage, and even watch them as a slideshow.

Where is IrfanView installed?

To install IrfanView, go to the Programs folder and double-click it. There, you will see a folder called IrfanView.

Is IrfanView spyware?

If it does, then it’s likely that IrfanView has been infected with a virus or spyware. You can either update or replace the anti-virus program that came with it.

How much does IrfanView cost?

IrfanView can be downloaded for free or purchased for $12 for a perpetual license.

What is IrfanView used for?

IrfanView is a Windows image viewer that can perform various tasks such as searching, organizing, and painting. It can also play audio and video files.


IrfanView Download for Windows is developed and updated by Irfan Skiljan. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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