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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

JDiskReport Download is a utility that lets users identify the number of space files and directories on their hard drives. It also displays the most common folders that consume the most disk space.

DiskReport is a simple and powerful tool that displays a list of all the files and directories on your hard drive. It does so by organizing the information by the size, type, and date of the files.


JJDiskReport Download is a free Java utility that will scan your hard disk and provide helpful information about how to use it.

It does so by displaying the size, capacity, and other details of your files and directories. It can also display data in various views and quickly switch between them.

The app helps you identify the amount of space that your computer’s various files and directories take up. It also displays various charts and tables to help you deal with the files that are no longer needed.

Features of JDiskReport Download

Consuming the most space on your disks

You can also delete all the files that are specific to a specific type, or see which files are consuming the most space on your disks.

Locate and find files that have no purpose in the computer

You can also sort the files based on their size and the last date of their creation. It also allows users to locate and find files that have no purpose in the computer.

Hard disk and generate reports about the sizes

Disk Scan is a utility that can perform a disk scan on your hard disk and generate reports about the sizes of all the files and folders on it.

Disk category

JDiskReport is a utility that belongs to the Disk category. It helps you identify which files are consuming the most space on your disks.

Various types of files and directories

JDiskReport is a Java-based app that displays data such as the size, location, and other parameters of your disks. It can also identify and save various types of files and directories.

JDiskReport Alternative For Windows

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  • Process Explorer 
  • System Information Viewer 
  • Real Temp 
  • Speccy 
  • FanControl


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