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Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Marcella Stephens

KiTTY Download is the best server-side client for Windows and is usually used by people who want to gain remote access to another computer. KiTTY is a fork of the 0.67 version of PuTTY. It features many of the same features and functions, but it also has its own features.

KiTTY is a fork of PuTTY, which is a free and open-source software package that enables advanced users to control various aspects of their network connection. It features a variety of features such as session filter, automatic login, and remote script execution.


KiTTY is a web server and telnet client that was forked from the popular PuTTY project. It has features that were not present in the original version.

KiTTY is a web server and telnet client that is similar to PuTTY. It has many features that were not included in the original version.

Some of the most important features of KiTTY include its session filter, its built-in command shortcuts, its built-in keyboard input protection, its ability to run locally saved scripts, its ability to create and save duplicate sessions, its ability to group sessions by folder, its ability to organize sessions in a folder hierarchy, and its ability to print.

Features of KiTTY Download

Same functions as its predecessor

This is a free and open-source version of the PuTTY terminal emulator. It features all the same functions as its predecessor, but it can also run on Windows and Mac.

Program allows local and remote port forwarding

This program allows local and remote port forwarding. It has a variety of features that are only available with the PuTTY emulator. It also comes with a built-in chat server and a hidden text editor.

Various protocols and configurations

The main working environment of the emulator is a DOS command interface, which allows users to execute their scripts. However, it also has a lot of tools that allow full control over various protocols and configurations.

Also provides automatic passwords and system integration

KiTTY is a program that can connect to Unix-based shells. It also provides automatic passwords and system integration.

Version include the ability

Some of the features that are included with this version include the ability to save and run programs with an automatic saving.

KiTTY Alternative For Windows

  • PowerPing
  • Charles
  • Simple Port Forwarding 
  • Proxifier 
  • Stunnel 
  • Fiddler 

Frequently Asked Question

Does KiTTY work on Windows?

KiTTY is a fork of PuTTY, the world’s best multi-language telnet/sh client. It works seamlessly with Windows.

How do I download KiTTY from the terminal?

If you are on macOS, install the. dmg and extract it to a directory. If you are on Linux, extract the tarball to a directory.

How do you save KiTTY passwords?

Wait until the KiTTY window logs you in.

Where are kitty sessions stored?

The KiTTY registry is used to save all of its configurations. This key is always saved each time a new configuration is modified.

Does the kitty terminal have tabs?

kitty is a very powerful system that can be used to control almost anything. It can open new windows, set their titles, and send a text to another.


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