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LockHunter Download is a tool that lets users easily remove files that are blocked by programs or hardware. It can also detect and remove files that are hidden.

With the help of LockHunter Download, you can easily remove and unlock locked files from your computer. It is a powerful application that will allow you to do so without leaving any traces on your system.

This application can be opened and blocked by clicking on a specific file. It can also be installed through a context menu and then access the app by clicking on a blocked file.


When a file is used by a process or an application, it is stored in a locked state, which prevents users from modifying or moving it to another location. This prevents them from doing anything except performing their usual operations.

Despite the various improvements made by Microsoft, working with files still remains one of the most challenging tasks.

Features of LockHunter

  • Sometimes, files and folders are blocked by the system, which can be difficult to remove. With the help of Lock Hunter, users can get rid of these unwanted files.
  • Sometimes, even with the best intentions, Windows still won’t allow you to permanently remove a file or folder. This is because it doesn’t allow you to close all connections to the file.
  • Lock Hunter is an extremely easy-to-use tool. Just right-click on a selected file and perform the actions that are related to that specific file. It will also inform you if the items are locked.
  • When prompted to use Lock Hunter, it will tell you what process is attempting to stop the removal of the blocked file. It will also inform you where to put the deleted files.
  • There are two different types of distributions: the standard installer and the portable archive. The former requires no installation to run, while the latter is fully featured and ready to go whenever you double-click on it.

LockHunter Alternative For Windows

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  • Total Copier 
  • Attribute Changer 
  • DiskGenius Build
  • ImagesFinder 
  • Safe Startup

Frequently Asked Question

How do you use LockHunter?

Once the program is started, it will tell you which processes are associated with the file or folder.

What’s locking this file Windows 10?

When a file is opened by another app, Windows 10 places the file in a locked state, which prevents it from being changed or deleted.

Who is locking my file?

Resource Monitor is a utility that lets you identify processes and services that are consuming a huge amount of resources on Windows. It can also monitor various aspects of your PC such as its usage, memory usage, and disk network.

How can I open a locked file?

Select the file with a right-click. Select Lock File from the menu that opens. Unlock the file by right-clicking it and selecting Unlock File.

What is blocking my file?

When trying to open a file, Windows 10 will tell you that it’s insecure and could be a threat. It’s usually prompted by a feature known as the Attachment Manager.

How do you delete difficult files?

Press the “Ctrl + Alt +” key to open the Task Manager and try to remove the data in the following app.

How do you force delete files?

To do this, open the Windows menu (click the Enter key), type cmd, and hit again. In the dialogue that appears, enter the name of the file or folder that you want to remove.


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