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Attribute Changer Download is a Windows Explorer extension that lets users manage all of their tasks in one place. It works seamlessly across all of your files and folders in Windows.

Attribute Changer is a powerful add-on that lets you easily modify the permissions of various files and folders in Windows Explorer.

Attribute Changer is a utility that enables users to easily modify the attributes of Explorer. It does its job perfectly and doesn’t require any configuration or nuisances.


Attribute Changer is a tool that lets you easily modify the settings of your photos and videos. It’s also capable of setting the camera’s clock time and date correctly.

You can change the attributes of various files and folders en masse. It does so by setting up exceptions and filtering the process.

Features of Attribute Changer Download

  • Attribute Changer can easily modify the attributes of files and folders. It can also convert the name and extension case of a file to lowercase or vice versa. It’s also possible to create a new partition for a particular folder or file.
  • Attribute Changer is a simple and easy-to-use tool that simplifies the process of creating and managing attributes. It doesn’t have any configuration options, but it includes a comprehensive help system.
  • Attribute Changer Download is a utility that lets users easily modify the attributes of various files and folders. It’s also integrated with Windows.
  • Attribute Changer is an advanced tool that allows you to modify various file attributes and dates. It works seamlessly with the Windows Explorer shell.
  • Attribute Changer is a utility that helps users manage their tasks in Windows Explorer. It works seamlessly by displaying all the necessary information in one place.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is the attribute changer safe to download?

It’s very important to avoid getting infected with viruses and other harmful software before installing Attribute Changer.

How do I open attribute Changer?

Attribute Changer is only available through the context menus for specific file and folder objects.

How do I change attributes?

Right-click a file and then Properties. In the “Attributes” section, there are checks next to each of the file’s attributes.


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