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Netcut Download is a highly useful application that can provide detailed information about your network, such as its hardware and performance. It can also identify and monitor various network metrics.

This utility scans your network and retrieves details about the devices connected to it. It also allows you to select a different network adapter for when you’re using multiple machines.

With a single click, you can easily identify the devices that are affecting your home or work network.


Since people are more prone to sharing their internet connection, it’s important to have a good network management tool like Netcut to prevent issues related to bandwidth usage. This app will scan your network and retrieve details about all the devices connected to it.

NetCut is a utility that lets users block other users from accessing the Internet. The easiest way to use it is by clicking the “Block all devices” button, which will list the devices that are currently connected to the WiFi network.

Netcut is a utility that scans your network and provides details about the devices connected to it.

Features of NetCut Download

Internet connection of your devices

You can easily cut down the Internet connection of your devices by clicking or dragging a link. This feature is only available in Pro mode.

Features of some of the more popular apps

Even though it lacks the advanced features of some of the more popular apps, NetLock Wifi is still useful for unskilled users who just want to get a quick overview of their network status. Its features such as network speed control, guest detection, and network access control are still available for the enthusiast.

Currently connected to your network

This utility will tell you the exact location of all the computers that are currently connected to your network.

Network management software

NetCut is a network management software that lets users identify which computers are connected to their network. It also collects various details about each machine, such as its name, current status, and IP address.

Network without permission

If you suspect that someone is using your network without permission, NetCut is the tool for you. It lets you block all of the devices that are connected to it.

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  • BruteShark 
  • Universal Radio Hacker

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