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NetworkMiner Download is an open-source network forensics tool that can be used to detect and monitor various aspects of a network. It can also detect non-system operating systems and sessions. It can also regenerate and repair damaged PCAP files.

It is a Windows tool that can detect and extract details about a network’s various components. It can also detect and open ports and identify hidden packets.

With NetworkMiner, you can collect details about your network, such as its users and hosts. It also allows you to perform offline analysis of PCAP files.


NetworkMiner is a popular freeware program that can identify and extract details about a network.

It is a powerful tool that can be used to monitor and detect various aspects of a network, such as its OS, sessions, and open ports. It is commonly used by forensic investigators and incident response teams to gather valuable data.

Features of NetworkMiner Download

Complete their studies faster.

NetworkMiner simplifies the process of analysing traffic network data by extracting artefacts from the collected data. It saves forensic investigators and analysts time and helps them complete their studies faster.

NetworkMiner of

New versions of NetworkMiner are available only on SourceForge.Netresec.com. These are the latest versions of the software that were released since version 2.0 of NetworkMiner.

Information from getting stolen.

Being sure that only the users are connected to your network will help keep it secure and prevent unauthorised access. It will also help keep your data and information from getting stolen.

Software in its category

Unlike other software in its category, NetworkMiner does not require much storage space. It is very popular in countries such as India, the US, and Italy.

 It’s free and works

This software is used by thousands of people in different countries. It’s free and works seamlessly across various platforms. Another reason why it’s widely used is that it’s cross-platform compatible. With it, you don’t have to buy additional hardware to perform the tasks that it does. It also allows you to share your knowledge with others.

NetworkMiner Alternative For Windows

  • Vistumbler 
  • SuperScan
  • MyHotSpot
  • Stunnel 
  • Doffen SSH Tunnel 
  • GNS

Frequently Asked Question

Is NetworkMiner free?

We specialise in providing software for network forensics. Our most popular product is NetworkMiner, which is a free open-source version.

How do I open a NetworkMiner?

After clicking the PCAP download button, NetworkMiner will automatically detect and extract any files that were transferred. These files can be accessed in the NetworkMiner’s Files Tab.

How does network miner work?

NetworkMiner can extract various files and certificates from a network by analysing traffic and parsing a PCAP file. It also displays the credentials of the users who signed the documents.

What is the ettercap?

EtherPeek is a network and protocol analysis tool for Windows. It helps network managers identify and troubleshoot network traffic.

What is pcap Ng?

The PCAP Next Generation Dump File format aims to overcome the limitations of the existing libpcap format.

What is EtherApe?

EtherApe is a packet sniffer and network traffic monitoring tool that works seamlessly on Unix. It is free and open-source.

What is the difference between pcap and Pcapng?

The pcap format contains some information about the interface, but the actual interface information is not stored as a per packet basis.


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