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Photomatix Pro download is a well-rounded solution that can produce high dynamic range images. Its latest version, 6.0, brings new features that help achieve more natural results.

HDRsoft Photomatix Pro is an offline version of the popular software that enables users to handle and adjust HDR photos.


When you go back to see your photos after a long holiday, some of them are a bit dark and others are bright.

With its built-in tone mapping feature, Photomatix Pro can produce high-quality images with varying exposures. It’s suitable for both professional and amateur photographers.

Due to the increased dynamic range of professional photography equipment, more detailed photos are created with greater details in both the areas of light and shade.

Features of Photomatix Pro download

You don’t need to know much about photography to use this program. Instead, just take some photos with a different exposure value and it will produce stunning HDR images.

HDR Photomatix is a program that allows users to create HDR images by combining various photos with different exposure levels. It does so by combining properly exposed and underexposed images.

With this program, it’s possible to join multiple photos and get a unique and stunning image. It allows you to observe all the details in each photo.

Its new HDR rendering method, called Tone Balancer, gives you more options when it comes to achieving a realistic look. It can also transform an image by painting over it and removing color casts.

The first time you use Photomatix Pro download, it’s accompanied by a short tutorial that explains how to get started. Aside from creating HDR images, it also allows users to enhance them by adding various filter options such as monochrome, grunge, and more. It also comes with a number of features that help users merge multiple photos.

Photomatix Pro Alternative For Windows

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  • Artweaver 
  • Nikon NEF Codec 
  • LightShot 
  • GIMP
  • MyPaint 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Photomatix Pro free?

Yes, you get the most recent version of Photomatix Pro for free, complete with all features turned on. On the developer’s website, you may learn more about Photomatix’s features.

How much does Photomatix Pro cost?

The Photomatix Pro is a standalone program that works seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom. The HDR Batch Plugin is also available for $49.

How much is Photomatix Pro 6?

The Essentials version of Photomatix is available for $39 and is limited to five bracketed images per project. The Pro version costs $99 and includes the new Batch Plugin for Lightroom.

Does Photomatix work with raw?

RAW files can be downloaded from various popular digital cameras, such as the Sony A6400, the Olympus E-M1X, and the Nikon Z7 with Photomatix’s built-in support.


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