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ScreenHunter Download Free is a powerful tool that lets users easily capture images from the desktop. It features a built-in screen capturing technique that allows users to focus and capture only the currently active apps on their desktop.

This is a very useful tool when it comes to capturing important information from the desktop. It saves a lot of time and helps avoid forgetting about an important bug report or an application that’s already running. Unfortunately, there’s a better alternative called ScreeHunter, which can only capture a region or an active window.


This tool is a simple and versatile tool that lets users modify the type of screen capture that they want to make. It also allows them to customize the size, font, and background color of their chosen screen capture.

Features of ScreenHunter Download

Simple interface

The program has five tabs that allow users to access various features. The Capture Tab is a handy tool that lets users quickly capture the screen. It has a selection of predefined areas that need to be captured, and clicking on it will bring up the appropriate screen.


The process of installing is very simple and does not take a long time. It’s also very organized and can be easily navigated through. There are numerous buttons and a few columns to help users navigate around the interface.

Multiple types of captures

ScreenHunter Download Free is a tool that allows users to capture various features such as a rectangular area, full screen, and a mouse-controlled delay. It also saves images in various formats, including a variety of GIF, BMP, and JPG.

Neat and has a pleasant graphical

The interface is clean and has plenty of buttons. The user can customize various aspects of the software, such as the region where he wants to capture, and he can also set a hot key.

Supports every version of Windows

ScreenHunter is very fast and consumes less system resources than other solutions. It supports every version of Windows operating system. This app becomes part of your Windows boot sequence.

ScreenHunter Alternative For Windows

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  • Dxtory
  • Photoscape
  • AI Image Enlarger
  • Photomatix Pro

Frequently Asked Question

Is ScreenHunter 7 free?

Screen Hunter 7 is a free screen capture and video recording tool that lets users easily capture and record video screens. It does not have a time limit or expiration date.

How do you use screen Hunter?

After installing Screen Hunter 7, go to the Windows Start menu or the icon on your desktop to launch it. You can then press the Capture Now button to capture an image.

What is screen Hunter Pro?

Screen Hunter 7 can save a video as a quality MPEG-4 or FLV file. It does so by using DirectX, which makes it fast and produces high-quality video.

How do you use the easy capture manager?

Before starting the capture, press the Keyboard key to open the Easy Capture Manager.

Is Windows capture good?

Windows 10’s Game Bar is a good example of a native gameplay recording feature, though it can be a bit challenging to use due to its complexity.

What is easy capture?

An easy to use extension called Easy Capture is a tool that lets users capture screenshots of both horizontal and vertical content on any website.

Is capture a software?

IS Capture is a professional software application that lets users control Tucsen cameras. It features a full-featured interface and advanced image processing functions.


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