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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

PhotoSync Companion Download, you can easily transfer and store multiple photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to a PC. It does so by displaying the best transfer performance.

You need this application to sync all your photos and videos from your iOS devices to your computer. It works seamlessly even though the iOS app is not compatible with Windows.

The app can be accessed from the tray area, allowing you to easily complete the tasks that you need. It also allows you to modify the directory where the files are stored.

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With PhotoSync Companion, you can easily transfer audio and video files from iOS devices to the desktop.

You can also sync all your photos and videos from one location to another. With the ability to transfer up to thousands of images at a time, this app is ideal for people who frequently travel.

Features of PhotoSync Companion Download

You can customize the settings of the application for various reasons. Some of these features include hiding the transfer window, preview the window, and managing the drag and drop feature.

Sync helps keep track of all your photos and videos that have already been downloaded from your camera roll. It does so by displaying them in a big screen and allowing you to share them anywhere.

The goal of this app is to make it easier for users to transfer video and image files from their devices to and from Apple’s App Store.

Some of the customization options include setting up PhotoSync Companion Download to automatically run at startup, and also disable the QuickHelp window.

With only a few system resources required, this application is simple to use and allows you to better manage your photos.

PhotoSync Companion Alternative For Windows

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  • BlueStacks 
  • Mirroid 
  • Sony Mobile Flasher 
  • Cydia Cloud 
  • PhoneClean 

Frequently Asked Question

How do I download PhotoSync?

The photo sync client software for Windows is available at: http://www.photosync-app.com.exe.exe. Run it on both your target and source devices.

What is PhotoSync companion?

Sync your photos and videos between iOS devices.

How does the PhotoSync app work?

Picture Sync is a utility that allows users to transfer their photos between their various devices, such as their phone or tablet. It works seamlessly and is very easy to setup.

Is PhotoSync secure?

Logging is disabled by default. It will not send or receive email without your permission.

How much does PhotoSync cost?

With its ability to sync photos between iOS and Android devices, PhotoSync is a must-have application for anyone who has been using an old workaround.

What is PhotoSync tint?

Spectra PhotoSync IRD is the ultimate UV protection system. It features a unique combination of UV rays and solar radiation that provide ultimate protection against harmful UV rays and excess heat.


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