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PortScan Download is a freeware network scanner that allows you to find and retrieve the details of all the ports on a network.

It is a utility that enables you to detect, identify, and test the speed of your network. It does so by conducting various tests and finding out various network characteristics.

The portScan download provides detailed information about the ports and services on your network. It also finds all active devices.

This is a freeware utility that was created by The SZ Development for Windows. It was tested by an editor on a PC.


Port Scanner Download windows is a utility that can monitor and control the ports on any computer network or devices that are similar to a Portsmouth. It quickly identifies all the devices on the network and displays all the details of the ports, including their name, address, and service name.

It is a small utility that will allow you to easily find all the devices on your network. It does so by scanning the entire network and displaying the details of the ports. It can also identify and ping various devices.

Advanced Port Scanner Download is a freeware network scanner that lets you find and retrieve programs that are running on the detected ports.

Features of PortScan Download

Detect and identify open

It works seamlessly with many major operating systems. It can detect and identify open ports based on the address of the port and the IP address of the device. It also displays all the detected closed ports.

Showing the details of the available ports

Port Scanner Download simplifies the task of identifying and securing your network by scanning all the ports on the system. It does so by showing the details of the available ports and the hostname of the devices that are connected to the network.

Standard graphical interface 

Radmin is a remote control utility that allows you to work from a remote computer, without being confined to a desktop. It features a standard graphical interface and can detect and identify various network devices.

Scanning the entire network and displaying

Port Scanner Download is a utility that can easily check an IP range and return details about the devices that are connected to it. It does so by scanning the entire network and displaying the various details such as the address of the ports, the HTTP server, and the hostname.

Immediately start scanning 

Port Scanner Download is relatively easy to use if you’re not familiar with the basic details of networks. Just click on the Quick Scan icon and it will immediately start scanning the network for devices that have been connected to it. It will also display the device’s IP and MAC address.

PortScan Alternative For Windows

  • Intel Processor Identification Utility
  • Open Hardware Monitor
  • Powir
  • MyProcesses
  • AutoRuns
  • Sysmon 

Frequently Asked Question

How do I run a port scan?

PortQry.exe is an application that can scan the ports of a local or remote host. After extracting the executable, open a command prompt and type portqry.exe followed by a parameter.

Is port scanning illegal?

Although there are no laws specifically prohibiting port scanning in the US, it is generally prohibited for any reason.

What is my WiFi port?

The port number is highlighted at the end of the IP address. When a device receives data, the network software sends it to the appropriate program.

Is it safe to have port 135 open?

Port 135 is a sensitive port that should not be exploited by anyone. It is typically used in an active directory and a server/client environment.

Why is the port closed?

Sometimes, port forwarding can be initiated by having multiple routers connected to the same network. This causes the port to be closed after receiving an incoming signal.

Why are all my ports blocked?

Other reasons why the port forwarding may be blocked include the wrong settings of the router or the camera’s configuration.

Can all ports be closed?

All ports are closed unless a program tells Windows to open them. This can usually be done by reinstalling one of the apps that caused the issue.


PortScan Download for Windows is developed and updated by The SZ Development. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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