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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

WinSockFix Download is a portable app that can repair various issues with WinSock and TCP. It comes with instructions that will enable you to manually remove and read the necessary registry entries.

It is a utility that will help users fix missing or corrupt settings of their Windows network adapter. It will also restore the lost or unusable network connections.

After removing certain apps, many of them may cause your Internet connection to suddenly stop working. This issue usually applies to all the registry entries that were modified since the app was installed.


WinSockFix Download download is a free Windows utility that can help fix various issues related to the OS.

By removing the host file of an application, WinSockfix will allow you to recover the lost or corrupt registry keys. It can also identify and fix other issues that might have occurred after the application was removed.

It seems that the developers of WinSockfix are not interested in answering the many questions about their app and its relation to Microsoft’s Internet browser.

Features of WinSockFix Download

WinSockFix Download is a great app that works seamlessly with almost any network setting. However, it can also reset most of your settings and remove the internet adapter. It’s also very useful if you’re having trouble connecting to the network.

WinSockFix Download is a small utility that has no visual interface. Instead, it shows a simple prompt window with three simple buttons – Info, ReG-Backup, and Fix.After removing an application from your system, there might be some changes in it. You might also notice that some of your apps are not working.

When you encounter a problem with a certain program or hardware, WinSockFix Download automatically scans the system and tries to fix it. It’s also capable of backing up all the registry changes that were made in the past.

It’s compatible with Windows 95 and older versions. The program’s latest version was released in February 2006, and it has gained over 300,000 downloads since it was added to our catalog in 2006.

Due to the development of a new browser, Microsoft created WinSock to keep up with the latest changes in the internet technology. The company’s goal was to provide a perfect network protocol.

The company eventually found that the existing Windows networking stack needed some improvements. This led to the development of WinSockFix, which is built on the existing network protocol.

WinSockFix Alternative For Windows

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  • WBFS Manager

Frequently Asked Question

How do I fix corrupted Winsock?

If Windows XP Service Pack 2 has installed, and you need to repair Winsock, type netsh winsock at the command prompt and then press ENTER.

What is WinsockFix?

WinsockFix is a utility that can restore internet access for various reasons. It was created by OptionExplicit, a company that specializes in Internet connectivity issues.

What causes Winsock corruption?

Most of the time, a corrupt Winsock settings result from a virus infection or a web browser hijacking.

What is winsock Windows 10?

Windows Socket is a component of the Windows operating system that enables programs to access the network.

What is the winsock catalog?

Aside from being an API, Winsock also comes in a catalog that stores its settings. This allows you to map your network to a service or device.

Should I reset Winsock?

If your Internet connection is unstable, reinstalling Winsock could help. This procedure can restore your network’s stability.

How do I run Winsock?

After typing netsh winsock reset, press the Enter key to prompt the computer. It will then inform you that the program has successfully completed its reset.


WinSockFix Download for Windows is developed and updated by Explicit Software. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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