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WPanorama Download is a desktop application that allows users to create and view panoramic images both vertically and horizontally.

Due to the lack of full resolution in most computer screens, many people tend to avoid using panoramas. With Wanorama, you can easily view them all.

With the help of this program, you can display stunning 360 Swiss panoramas on your desktop. It does so by scrolling down or vertically.

Back then, creating a series of overlapping photos was a very common method of creating a panoramic image. Today, digital cameras have allowed people to do it much better.


With this program, you can easily view and navigate through multiple panoramic pictures on one screen. It does so by moving the picture with the mouse.

Features of WPanorama

  • WPanorama lets you customize the program’s interface language, control panel, and toolbar display. It also has a good response time, and it doesn’t crash or cause system errors. However, it’s outdated and may require some time to learn how to use its features.
  • You can also customize the size and speed of the panoramas by clicking the mouse.You can also save an existing panorama as a video file or display it as a scrolling screensaver. It can also associate music files with the images.
  • With numerous options, we can easily customize the look and feel of the picture. It can also create various ways to display it, such as rotate and mirror images. It can also create a video that will show the photo no matter how big it is.
  • The program includes many advanced features that allow us to customize the look and feel of the picture. It can also create a video that will show the photo no matter how big it is.Another feature that makes the creation of panoramas much easier is its ability to customize the display options. This includes the title, logo, and the resolution of the picture.
  • Aside from creating a full-fledged movie, you can also capture and export multiple images from the same project. It can also transport them into a variety of formats.With digital cameras, creating stunning panoramic photographs is now as simple as clicking a button. With WPanorama, you can create images that are both moving and static.

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