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Skanect Download is a low-cost 3D scanner that works seamlessly with Kinect, Structure Sensor, and Xtion cameras. It lets you easily scan different kinds of scenes and share them online in a few clicks.

Skanect Pro is a free 3D scanner that lets users capture full-color 3D images of objects, people, and rooms. It works seamlessly with both frame and core depth sensors.

With the help of Skanect Pro, you can easily capture a full-color 3D model of an object or a room in seconds. It works seamlessly with any existing 3D camera.

Skanect is an accurate 3D scanner that will automatically capture the objects that you’re looking for. It saves you time and money by transferring the colors of the objects.


The app has quickly become a favorite among developers and researchers wanting to create their own 3D-scanning services.

Even better, Skanect can capture the color of the object you’re looking for, which saves you time and resources while creating a realistic 3D model. It works seamlessly with various low-cost cameras such as the Structure Sensor, Microsoft Kinect, and the Xtion.

The app’s quality and reliability allow users to easily transform scanned objects into 3D models. It’s also compatible with other 3D editing apps.

Features of Skanect Download

  • Unlike other 3D-scanning software packages, it can capture accurate 3D meshes by focusing on a simple procedure that requires the constant rotation of a target object.
  • This app is free to download. It features an extremely intuitive user interface that makes it a must-have for anyone wanting to learn about graphic design.
  • With Skanect Download Pro, you can connect the Structure to a Mac or PC and get high-quality 3D scans. Its built-in camera provides deeper and more accurate depth perception, and it coordinates with the built-in camera.
  • Scan and convert scanned objects into 3D models easily. Just follow the steps mentioned below and get started with creating 3D models from the scanned data.
  • Unlike existing 3D-scanning solutions, Skanect can provide detailed information about a scene in real-time.

Skanect Alternative For Windows

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  • ImageGlass
  • Machinery HDR Effects
  • NifSkope
  • Monosnap
  • Drawpile

Frequently Asked Question

Is Skanect free?

Skanect is a 3D scanner that works seamlessly with most major platforms, including Windows and Kinect. It can create 3D models of objects in a few minutes.

What is Skanect?

Skanect is a 3D scanning software that lets you use an Xbox 360 Kinect sensor to create 3D models of objects and people.

Does Skanect work with Xbox one Kinect?

Due to the quality of the 3D scans that were produced using Kinect for Xbox One, we are not able to support the device.


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