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TinyPic Download is a digital photographer and needs to shrink the size of your pictures, then TinyPic is the solution for you. It allows you to reduce the size of your photos without losing their quality. It can also reduce it by up to 20%.

The problem is that when sending digital photos, they are too big to be sent via mail. Or, if you just bought a new camera, the last 5 Pictures took a long time to download. With TinyPic, you can shrink the size of the photos to 1 to 20 of their original size.

This app will make your photos lighter by taking away the excess space. It does it by choosing the desired output size, dragging and dropping any photos, and it will take you less than 2 seconds to do it.


It makes it possible to send large image files to other recipients. It’s a frustrating experience for users who want to send great photos but cannot do so due to the file size being too big.

There are many options when it comes to email pictures, but I would say that TinyPic is by far the best. One of its main advantages is that it is free to use. Another reason why it is better than other options is that it allows you to upload your photos straight from your hard drive.

Features of TinyPic Download

  • This application lets you save and access your photos in a subfolder. It also allows you to modify the name of the folder and save it as a different location. It also saves the photos in a customized format.
  • When you shrink a photo file, the new one is automatically saved as a separate file. There are various ways to save it, such as creating a new folder or keeping the original file in a subfolder.
  • TinyPic was specifically built to make sure that the files it creates are ideal for sending via email. Its goal was to make sure that the quality of the images remains the same regardless of how big the app gets.
  • When sending an image to TinyPic Download, the resulting file size is almost identical to the one sent as a separate batch. This is because the app uses a compression algorithm known as LZ compression to shrink the file without losing its quality. Creating a tiny pic file makes it possible to send and receive them instantly to anyone.
  • The app was able to shrink a few photos to 170KB, which is almost 8 times bigger than the original size. I also learned that different digital cameras make different sized files look bigger. In addition, some graphic editors like Adobe Creative Max can also save large files. For instance, we tried to shrink a BMP file that weighed around 5.5MB.

TinyPic Alternative For Windows

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  • StylePix

Frequently Asked Question

How do you use TinyPic?

Enter your email address and TinyPic will send you media that’s already in your account.

Where can I upload images for free?

You can either download the Google Photos app or go to photos.google.com and register for the account.

Why is TinyPic not working?

TinyPic is shutting down permanently due to its inability to sustain a high-quality digital service.

Does TinyPic exist?

TinyPic was a photo and video sharing platform that was owned by photo sharing site Photobucket.com. Its closure was triggered by declining income.

Is TinyPic dead?

Due to the decline in ad revenues, TinyPic is no longer able to provide a free image hosting service.


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