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WD Security Download is a utility that enables users to create a secure connection between their hard drives and a system. It does so by identifying the drives that are supported by the application and displaying their details.

If you have Western Digital drives, then WD Security Download can help protect them from unauthorized access. Just follow these simple steps.

Set up various protection measures to prevent unauthorized access to the drive. Also, select different passwords for each protected partition.


With WD Security Download, it is possible to protect your drives from unauthorized access. It does so by creating a unique username and password.

WD Security download is a utility that can protect your drive from unauthorized access and passwords. It works seamlessly with both Windows and Mac computers.

This installer packs together the following utilities and software: WD Drive Utilities and WD Security.

Features of WD Security

 Automatically unlock a compatible drive

After installing the application, take the compatible drive and attach it to your PC. It will detect its compatibility after it’s attached. You can now set it to automatically unlock a compatible drive by clicking the ‘auto unlock’ option in the main window.

The program to provide a hint

Creating a password for your drive is as simple as plugging it to your PC. Just enter the same username and password twice to lock it. You can also use the program to provide a hint if someone tries to access your storage media.

Auto-lock feature 

This Security Tools for Mac application was tested and is free to use. Its download speed was estimated to be around 27.6MB. The auto-lock feature also allows you to set a password for each time you log in to the system. It will also help you remember the secure key.

Automatically secure and protect

One of the biggest problems faced by businesses is being able to automatically secure and protect their files on the desktop. This is done by using an application that automatically encrypts all of your data on the fly.

 Installed through an automatic update process

The most used version of this program is 1.0.0, which has been downloaded over 98% of the time. It automatically starts when a new user logs in. The program’s main executable is called WDDriveSecurity.exe and is usually located in a file size of about 13.6MB. The latest versions of the program are also known to be installed through an automatic update process.

WD Security Alternative For Windows

  •  BlufVPN
  •  ESET Security
  •  FortiClient
  •  Steganos VPN
  •  Dr.Web
  •  Password Boss
  •  Key Finder
  •  Avira Password

Frequently Asked Question

What is the WD Security application?

The WD Backup software is a utility that automatically backs up files to a schedule. It does so by storing the exact date and time that you specify.

How does WD security work?

My Passport boxes from WD automatically encrypt all data as it is written to the disks. They can also be password-protected.

Is WD Security Safe?

This tool works with the encryption feature of your drive to protect all your sensitive data.

What is WD Security on Mac?

Western Digital Security for Mac is a part of the company’s Disk Management software.

What is WD Security helper?

This installer contains the following components: WD Drive Utilities and WD Security. These utilities provide a variety of features to enable you to install Western Digital’s software on external hard drives.

What is install Western Digital software for Windows?

The Western Digital Dashboard is a graphical user interface that helps users manage the performance of their external hard drives

What is WD drive unlock?

The WD Drive Unlock utility can be used to unlock your password-protected drive. Just connect the drive to a computer that doesn’t have the necessary software installed to unlock it.

How do I unlock my WD external hard drive if I forgot my password?

According to the company’s support forum, it’s not possible to reset the passwords of encrypted files on a stolen drive.


WD Security Download for Windows is developed and updated by Western Digital. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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