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Windows Photo Gallery Download is a utility that can function as a variety of other applications. Some of these include Mail, Writer, and Messenger.

That is a desktop app that enables users to organize and share their photos.

It is a free software download from Microsoft that was made available for Windows. The latest version of its beta version has been tested and is currently being compiled.


It features a variety of features that allow users to easily find and organize their photos. It saves a lot of time and helps minimize the stress of searching for images.

Microsoft created Windows Photo Gallery as a standalone application that can be used to create and manage multiple photo galleries.

The Windows Live Photo Gallery is a new app that allows users to display all of their photos in a slideshow in their Messenger. It is part of the Windows Live program.

Features of Windows Photo Gallery Download

  • With Windows Photo Gallery, you can create a slideshow with multiple photos and improve the overall quality of the images by adjusting the sizes, colors, and other features.
  • Windows Photo Gallery is similar to Windows Explorer. It has a clean and simple interface, and it lets you store and share media content from other devices.
  • Windows Photo Gallery Download is a powerful tool that lets users work on multiple photos simultaneously. It features an easy-to-use interface and a variety of tools that allow users to fix redeye, adjust the exposure, and more.
  • Windows Photo Gallery is now available as a complete version. It can be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft. Just copy and paste the link to get it.
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery is a great place to store and manage all of your photos. It lets you organize and manage them in a variety of ways, such as a slideshow or a regular form.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I still download Windows Photo Gallery?

Even though Windows Essentials is no longer supported, you can still download the offline installer. It lets you install programs that you want.

How do I get Windows Photo Gallery on my computer?

The Windows Photo Gallery can be accessed by going to the Gallery section of the Windows desktop. If there are photos on your computer that you already have, simply drag and drop them in.

Does Windows 10 come with Photo Gallery?

The Windows 10 Photos app is included with the operating system. Just install it and it’ll be just like the Apple app that’s already included with macOS.

What has replaced Windows Live Photo Gallery?

IrfanView is a good alternative that’s not free. There are a variety of apps that can help you get rid of the Windows Live Photo Gallery.

What replaces Windows Live Photo Gallery for Windows 10?

The Windows Photos app is not as good as the Windows Live Photo Gallery, but it still has some features that I have come to depend on.

What happened to Windows Photo Gallery?

After Windows 7 came out, the Windows Live Photo Gallery app was rebranded to Windows Live Photo Gallery. It was then discontinued by Microsoft.

What replaced Windows Live Essentials?

Many other features in Windows 10 are similar to those in Windows Essentials, such as improved email, family safety, and OneDrive.


Windows Photo Gallery Download for Windows is developed and updated by Microsoft. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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