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Windows Virtual PC Download is a utility that lets users test different Windows scenarios on different monitors. It works seamlessly even though it doesn’t require specific hardware requirements.

Microsoft Virtual PC is a Windows-based environment that lets you run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same PC. It does a great job when running multiple virtual machines of Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.


Windows Virtual PC Download is a utility that enables you to run multiple Windows operating systems from a single PC. It features a variety of features that allow you to control the system’s resources and security, and it’s optimized to work seamlessly with both newer and older Windows operating systems.

There are many instances where a person might need to run multiple Windows operating systems simultaneously. With Microsoft Virtual PC, they can do it without any difficulty.

Unfortunately, there are times when new operating systems are launched and your old software still doesn’t work on them. This is where Windows Virtual PC comes in.

Features of Windows Virtual PC Download

Remote Desktop Connection and an increased maximum resolution

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 is a Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2003 virtual machine that can run as a host. It features a number of new features, such as Remote Desktop Connection and an increased maximum resolution of up to 2048×1920.

Share clipboards and mouse cursors

Windows Virtual PC Download is a desktop utility that enables users to create a customized Windows environment. It features a variety of features such as multithreading support, USB support, and the ability to share clipboards and mouse cursors.

Utility supports both Windows

This utility supports both Windows 7 and any other newer OS. Just install it and start creating custom virtual machines.

Most productivity applications

With the help of Windows 7, users can easily switch between the various nodes in their virtual PC. The guest system is typically used for running non-emergency applications. Most productivity applications are also supported by the host system.

Versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista

With Windows Virtual PC, users can now virtualize almost all of the versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. This is very useful for companies that no longer use the old versions of Windows and want to get rid of them.

Windows Virtual PC Alternative For Windows

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  • Windows Update Blocker 
  • NTLite 
  • Autorun Organizer 
  • OnTopReplica 
  • DxWnd

Frequently Asked Question

What is the use of Windows Virtual PC?

Windows Virtual PC is a Windows 7 virtualization technology that lets you run various apps and processes in a virtual environment.

How do I get Windows Virtual PC?

To install Windows Virtual PC, go to the Start menu and select Virtual PC. After clicking on it, the computer will automatically download and install it.


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