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OllyDbg Download is a binary code analysis utility that can run on x86. It features a variety of features, such as recognizing procedures, checking for errors, and locating routines from libraries.

This is a simple to use and flexible debugger. Its features can be extended by third-party plugins. This version is the final 1. x release of the product.

It is a 32-bit assembly language that performs binary code analysis on Windows. It is especially useful for debugging code that is not available from the source.


It’s a 32-bit assembler level that compiles binary code analysis for Microsoft Windows. It can be used in cases where source code is not available.

OllyDbg is a powerful tool that will allow you to analyze and modify your programs.

It is mainly used by people who are involved in debugging multi-thread programs. It can be very useful to check the code for errors and provide a variety of information about it.

Features of OllyDbg Download

Code Analysis

Code Analysis is an interface that simplifies the process of code analysis by letting users identify traces and procedures.

Direct loads

Direct loads and debugs DLLs. It also locates routines from an object file.

Utility understands

This utility understands the debugging information in Borland format. It saves patches between sessions and writes them back to an executable file.

It can run programs without installing anything 

No installation is required. It can run programs without installing anything in system directories.

Utility supports various 

This utility supports various data types and instructions, such as MMX, 3DNow!, and SSE. It also recognizes UNICODE strings.

Recognize complex 

The utility can also recognize complex code constructs, such as calls to jump to the procedure.

Debugging utilities

Setups debugging utilities, logs, and hardware breakpoints. It also shows the arguments of known functions.

It can also set breakpoints 

It can also identify binary sequences and imprecise commands. It can also set breakpoints and hide hidden memory.

Frequently Asked Question

What is OllyDbg used for?

OllyDbg is a 32-bit debugging tool that can be used to analyze binary code. It is very popular due to its ease of use

Is OllyDbg open source?

It’s especially useful for debugging binary code that is not available from a source

What key is OllyDbg execute code in?

In OllyDbg, clicking the F8 key will take the program to a step-over. The same code will also be executed once the step-over is complete

How do I debug with OllyDbg?

From the program’s menu bar, select Properties. Then, from the “Yes” box, select “Process ‘putty’ is active”

Is Ghidra a debugger?

The new version of GhidraBETA introduces the Debugger, which is a tool that can be used to debug non-user-mode applications.


OllyDbg Download for Windows is developed and updated by Oleh Yuschuk. All registered trademarks, company names, product names, and logos are the property of their respective owners.

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