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Visual Basic Download is a tool that enables people to develop and learn to code. Before starting, check out the code editor to see how it will look.

It’s a Windows program that compiles and writes Windows applications. It has a simple and organized UI that enables users to easily access its various features. It’s also a good choice for people new to programming.

Visual Basic 6.0 is the last version of the true Visual Basic product. It is the last product that can create native 32-bit apps for Windows NT and Windows 9x. The only alternative is VB.NET, which changes the core language and makes it hard to port


Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 5 provides the latest updates for the development system. It includes the latest versions of the component products and the operating system.

Visual Basic Express Edition is a development environment that enables novice and student programmers to create programs for Windows.

Features of Visual Basic Download


Download the most recent update pack for Visual Basic 6, also known as a Service Pack.

Start making use of the new features and capabilities, fix any software issues or bugs, and make Visual Basic 6 a stable and efficient program.


Visual Basic is a free-to-use tool that helps people develop apps for various platforms, such as the web, desktop, and mobile. It’s also a great tool for people who are new to programming.

Automatically identifies 

It supports various Windows themes, which allow you to create apps that run seamlessly in line with the Windows operating system. It also has an integrated development environment that automatically identifies and fixes errors.

Very useful

The program will also allow you to add other libraries that are useful for program development, such as the help library from Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Data-driven apps.

It supports various Windows themes, which enable you to create apps that are in line with the operating systems of Windows. It also comes with an SDK that will allow you to create fully-featured, data-driven apps.

Visual Basic Alternative For Windows

  • APK Easy Tool 
  • NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 
  • Texmaker 
  • Panda3D 
  • Appium 
  • Mockplus 

Frequently Asked Question

What is Visual Basic used for?

Visual Basic for Applications is a programming language that’s used by Microsoft. It lets you create text-based and data-driven processes with ease. It works seamlessly within MS Office

Is Visual Basic still used in 2022?

No, that is not the case. It is still supported and included as one of the core languages in Visual Studio by Microsoft

Is Visual Basic for beginners?

Visual Basic is a programming language that simplifies the process of creating graphical user interface (GUI) applications

What replaced Visual Basic?

In 2002, Microsoft launched Visual Basic .NET, which is the successor to the Visual Basic language

What is the difference between Java and Visual Basic?

Visual Basic is a programming language that was originally built by Microsoft. Java, on the other hand, is an object-oriented language.

Should I learn Visual Basic or C#?

Even though there is less presence of VB.NET community, it is still better than C#. One of the main advantages of VB.NET is that it uses implicit casting

Is Python better than Visual Basic?

Although running through a loop with VB.NET will be slower than Python, since code execution during subsequent runs is typically faster, it is still considered very fast.


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