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Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Marcella Stephens

Core Temp Download Get the temperature of your PC’s . It will automatically shut off or hibernate the PC to prevent overheating.

That is a compact and powerful program to monitor the temperature of every processor in your system. It can also display the changes in real time. With its flexible and adaptable design, Core Temp can be used with various configurations.


It is a Windows application that displays the load and temperature of your CPU’s cores. It does so by extracting data from various sensors and displays them in a compact interface.

Most computers are sensitive to temperature. Knowing the proper operating temperature of your processor can help prevent stability problems.

Features of Core Temp Download

This tool will help you monitor the temperatures of your PC. It will give you a good idea of how it’s performing.

Although Core Temp Download doesn’t require to be running to install, it must be connected to port data to display the details of our processor. It did so by displaying the various details of our processor, such as its model, frequency, and threads.

Unlike the overall temperature of the processor, it also displays the individual temperatures of each core. It also shows the load conditions of the processor.

If our PC’s temperature gets too hot, it can cause issues such as damage and malfunction. With the help of Core Temp, we’ll be able to keep track of the exact temperature of each of the processor’s cores.

If your PC is constantly running, then it’s time to know the temperature of its core. With Core Temp, you can easily display this information on your desktop.

Core Temp Alternative For Window

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  • CUDA-Z 
  • Real Temp 
  • AutoRuns 
  • Belarc Advisor 
  • WinKeyFinder

Frequently Asked Question

Is core temperature a virus?

No adware, no spyware. It’s able to select all the software it wants to install, and it does so without leaving any information on it.

Is Core Temp a good app?

There are a variety of temperature-monitoring utilities out there, but I would typically suggest Core Temp for most users. It’s free and comes in a standalone EXE format.

Is Core Temp safe?

If you have an AMD Ryzen processor, it’s possible that the core temperature of the machine can reach over 85 degrees Celsius while it’s idle and under full load.

Is Core Temp free?

Small, free software that extracts key sensor data and shows it in a concise interface.

How do I check my CPU core temperature?

You can easily check the temperature of your processor by going to the bottom of the taskbar and selecting “Core Temp”.

 How do I download a core Temp app?

You can download the Core Temp Gadget and the CoreTempMC from the respective add-on pages.


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