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Intel Processor Identification Utility Download can identify the specifications of any processor. It displays the details of the hardware and provides a list of supported software updates.

This is compatible with most of the major operating systems. Just make sure that the version you install is compatible with the OS you use. This driver can also identify and locate the exact location of the hardware in your PC.


It is an app that helps users identify the model and the capabilities of their current processor. It works seamlessly across all major platforms and can be used to learn more about the various features of a particular processor.

If you own an Intel processor, then you should use the Intel processor identification utility Download. It was designed to give users a better understanding of the features and capabilities of their processor.

The Intel processor identification utility download works seamlessly with the latest versions of the processor’s name and model. It provides detailed information about the hardware in a readable format.

Features of Intel Processor Identification Utility

Display the clock settings 

Under Frequency Test, the app will display the clock settings of the CPU while the CPU Technologies sections will provide details about the processor such as its features, performance, and security.

Clockspeed and memory count

This app is aimed at the users of Intel. It will allow them to identify the details about their CPUs, such as their clock speed and memory count. It will also provide them with useful information about their devices.

Various features and functionalities

The name of the processor will be shown on the top of the app window, with three tabs: processor frequency, system bus, and memory size. The other tabs also show the various features and functionalities of the processor.

Determine which of the available variants

The Intel processor identification utility Download can identify the frequency of multiple CPUs in a system. It can also determine which of the available variants is the most popular among the various CPUs used in the system.

Graphic information and the Chipset 

This version of the application supports various processor support and automatically updates when new updates are released. It displays the graphic information and the Chipset information in a simple and elegant manner.

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Frequently Asked Question

How do I open Intel processor Identification Utility?

After clicking the Programs button, the Intel Processor ID Utility will appear.

What is Intel processor Identification Utility?

The Intel Processor ID Utility is free software that displays the details of your processor, including its specifications and chipset details.

How do I download a processor?

Under the “View by-product” section, select the model of your processor and the operating system that it uses.

How do you read a CPU number?

The first digit of a processor’s code represents the generation. For instance, if the processor has the digits 9800, it’s called an 8th-generation processor.


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