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AbiWord Download is free software distributed under the GNU Public License. This means that it can be used without restriction.

This is an open-source word processor that works seamlessly with C++. It was created by Andreson, who also developed the popular GTK+ 3.

It is a text processing software that works seamlessly across a local network. It allows users to modify a shared document without requiring an Internet connection.


This application is a word processor that’s free to use. It features all of the basic features that most people would expect from a paid service.

It’s designed to work seamlessly with most operating systems. It’s also compatible with various features such as image loading and printing.

AbiWord is a free word processor that’s suitable for various tasks. It was created by a group of volunteers in a worldwide effort.

Features of AbiWord Download

Save you time

You can customize the look and feel of your documents with their predefined templates. This saves you time and helps avoid wasting it on setting up each configuration.

Grammar checking

The AbiWord project includes a US-only grammar checking plugin called Link Grammar. It was initially built by Link Grammar, which is an open-source parser.

 Various formats

Several import and export filters support various formats, such as HTML, Microsoft Word, and Office Open XML. There are also plug-ins that allow you to deal with many other formats, such as WordPerfect.

 Same UI features

WordPerfect is generally compatible with pre-Microsoft Office 2007 versions. However, it doesn’t have the same UI features as Office 2007, and it doesn’t prioritize cloning the Word interface.

Various social networks

A sharing platform that works seamlessly with various social networks. It’s also built with plug-ins that allow you to do more.

Manage grammar and spelling checks

It features a variety of tools that allow you to manage grammar and spelling checks, as well as mail merge capabilities.

Originally created

AbiWord was originally created by SourceGear Corporation, as the first component of AbiSuite. It is currently run by a team of volunteer developers.

AbiWord Alternative For Windows

  • LibreOffice 
  • Word Viewer 
  • Calibre 
  • ActivePresenter 
  • Microsoft Excel Viewer 

Frequently Asked Question

Is AbiWord still available?

It’s available in several languages and operating systems.

Is AbiWord any good?

AbiWord is an open-source word processor that works seamlessly with most types of documents. It’s very easy to use and is designed to be used for typing documents.

Is AbiWord compatible with Microsoft Word?

Currently, AbiWord can save in a Word-compatible format. However, Microsoft has a history of excluding Rich Text files from its Word format.

Is there a free Word program for Windows 10?

The new Office app will be preinstalled on Windows 10, and it’s free to use. If you’re already a Windows 10 user, just download it from the Microsoft Store.

What is the free version of Microsoft Word?

Word Mobile is a new version of Microsoft Word that can run on any Windows device, even if its screen size is bigger than 10 inches. But, just like with the previous versions, it can’t create or edit files on desktop computers.

How do I get Microsoft Word on my laptop for free?

To start using Office for free, go to Office.com and select the app that’s right for you. There’s a variety of apps for various platforms, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Is Google Docs better than word?

Back then, it was easy to determine which was the better collaboration tool: Word or Google Docs. Over the years, both had evolved and added more sophisticated features and functionalities.


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