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Microsoft Excel Viewer Download is a small freeware tool that lets users view and modifies Excel spreadsheet files in various formats. It works seamlessly with most popular table formats such as XLSX, XLS, and Excel 2003.

It is a utility that lets users create and modify Excel table files without installing Microsoft Office or Excel software. It supports various popular table formats such as XLS, XLB, and XLS.


This is a utility that lets users run and print Excel documents. It does so without the need to install the latest version of Microsoft Office Excel.

This application is a free app that lets users print and view Excel documents without installing the program on their PC. It has an interface that resembles that of an Excel sheet.

Even though Excel Viewer works seamlessly regardless of the PC’s hardware, it cannot be used to save or modify Excel workbooks. Instead, it only opens and displays Excel documents.

Features of Microsoft Excel Viewer Download

Open all file formats

The Viewer can open all file formats from Excel. It can also run macros, but only on 64-bit systems.

Very simple to use

The interface is very simple to use, and it lets you open and read Excel spreadsheets with a few clicks.

Good tool

If you don’t use Excel, but still want to view a spreadsheet, then the Microsoft Excel Viewer is a good tool.

Various modes

The Excel Viewer allows you to view documents in various modes, such as page orientation, font size, and etc.

Supports various other table formats

Aside from opening and printing Excel workbooks, the Free Excel Viewer also supports various other table formats. It also allows you to modify the appearance and operation of these cells and databases.

Microsoft Excel Viewer Alternative For Windows

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  • Evernote 
  • Kindle for PC 
  • Word Viewer
  • AbiWord
  • Apache OpenOffice

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a free Excel viewer?

Microsoft Excel Viewer is a free tool that lets users view and print Excel spreadsheets without installing the program on their PC.

How do I open XLSX files without Excel?

You can also open and modify XLSX files in free Excel, without Excel. You can also do so with other free tools such as OpenOffice Calc and Office Excel.

How do I view all Excel files on my computer?

To search for any Excel workbook in your computer, open the list box and select the file you want to open.

How do I open Excel in Windows 10?

To start a new program, type its name in the search box and select All Programs. You can also see all the applications in the Microsoft Office group.

What is the difference between XLS and XLSX?

XLS files are file formats that are compatible with the binary format. They can also be used to store data in compressed XML format.

What does XLSX mean in Excel?

Excel file extension xlsx is a Microsoft Excel document that contains an XML file. It can be opened in other apps such as Google Sheets and Adobe Reader.


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