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CleanMem Download is a utility that automatically removes unused memory from your computer. It does so by freeing up the system’s resources.

CleanMem is a utility that prevents system memory use from being pushed to the page file. It does so by automatically running every 15 minutes.


CleanMem releases a portion of the RAM of your computer every 30 minutes. The memory is used to store the processes and files that are running on the system. Usually, when a new application is launched, the system consumes a lot of RAM.

CleanMem is a utility that automatically optimizes the system’s memory usage when it is most needed.

The most noticeable performance boost is usually experienced by people who have less memory installed. When Windows starts to get low on memory, it will move the page file to the desktop.

Features of CleanMem Download

  • The hard drive is the bottleneck of performance. It tries to work with the page file as it tries to get started. CleanMem helps keep the system running smoothly by not pushing anything to the page file.
  • Programs that are running in the background will access data faster than those that are on the hard disk.
  • CleanMem can also be used to set various advanced features such as ignore lists, restrict access to certain files, and log files.
  • CleanMem Download will only run once a 30-minute interval has been set by the Windows Task Manager. To activate it, just go to the Task Manager and modify the amount of time it will run.
  • This utility is very useful for people who have a small amount of RAM. It can help minimize system crashes and minimize the number of processes running simultaneously.

CleanMem Alternative For Windows

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  • Secure Folders
  • Adobe Application Manager
  • GWX Stopper
  • USB Disk Security
  • FileOptimizer

Frequently Asked Question

Is CleanMem free?

CleanMem is a utility that cleans up the RAM every 30 minutes. It’s free and fast, and it will remove all traces of corruption from your system.

Does CleanMem work?

The CleanMem utility is one of the most effective tools to get rid of all traces of bloat in system memory. It’s also a great tool for anyone who needs a bit of room for other applications.


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