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Famulus Download application will help you quickly launch applications by pressing a designated key on the keyboard. This tool will do so in just a few seconds. Unlike other launchers, Famulus Download uses a set of typed commands instead of a clean UI. This makes it more useful and lightweight on your system’s resources. Aside from these, it also allows you to run predefined commands for various files and folders.

Famulus Download is a simple and easy-to-use program that lets users launch various applications from a single window. It does so by holding down the key for a few seconds, which will prompt a prompt to be displayed. It lets users type predefined commands to get started.


It’s a device launcher that works seamlessly with written commands. It doesn’t require extensive knowledge in programming to perform its intended function. Just hold down the pad to launch the app.

Famulus Download is a web app that features a clean UI and a structured button. It has been rated by our reviewers as a good value for its features and service.

Features of Famulus Download

  • This app has a minimal interface. It only allows you to modify the settings of the apps that you want to install. This app is very easy to use, just hold down the Numpad key to open it.
  • You can now customize the apps and files that will be launched from your computer by clicking the “Add to” button.
  • The Famulus Download utility keeps track of a given key, which will trigger a warning if it gets interrupted. It can also create predefined commands for specific files or directories.
  • The main feature of Famulus Download is that it gives you quick access to all the files and apps that are stored on your computer. Just select the appropriate button on your keyboard to bring up the app’s interface and add the necessary files and apps to the list.
  • Famulus Download is compatible with all major Windows platforms. Its smooth and silent operation makes it ideal for minimizing system usage. Its small size makes it very easy to install.

Famulus Alternative For Windows

  • Launchy 
  • BlackTop
  • SliderDock 
  • Executor 
  • WinSleep
  • SuperF4

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